gonti's aether heart
30, Sep, 22

New Infinite Combo Discovered with MTG Brothers' War Card!

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Article at a Glance

These spoilers haven’t even been out for 24 hours, and the MTG player base has already broken one of the featured Commanders for The Brothers’ War. Both of these cards have a high mana value, but, considering that one is meant to be a Commander, this combo is incredibly easy to get going. It turns out that the new Mishra takes infinite turns with Gonti’s Aether Heart!

Mishra, Eminent One

Mishra, Eminent one, is a five mana Commander in Grixis that cares about noncreature artifacts. At the beginning of combat, Mishra can create a token copy of one of the (hopefully) many noncreature artifacts you should control. That copy becomes a 4/4 Construct artifact creature named Mishra’s Warform that gains Haste amongst its other types and abilities. That copy gets sacrificed at the end of turn.

Sundial of the Infinite may be the first artifact that comes to many’s minds when seeing this card. This can bypass the sacrifice clause on Mishra, allowing you to create a continuously growing army of Constructs turn by turn. This cannot be said for Redditor Prid3, who immediately pointed the finger at a potential problem card in Mishra decks: Gonti’s Aether Heart.

The Combo

gonti's aether heart

You may think Gonti’s Aether Heart doesn’t seem very good. For the most part, you’re right. Gonti’s Aether Heart is a six mana Legendary artifact that generates energy whenever itself or another artifact enters the battlefield. For a costly eight energy, Gonti’s Aether Heart can exile itself in exchange for an extra turn. While you would generally need three other artifacts to enter the battlefield before you make the exchange, Mishra allows Gonti’s Aether Heart to turn into an infinite combo engine. Here’s how.

  • Move to combat with both Mishra, Eminent One and Gonti’s Aether Heart in play. Make a copy of Gonti’s Aether Heart. Because Mishra changes the name of the Aether Heart, the Legendary rule will not apply
  • The token will enter, triggering both copies of the heart. This will generate four energy.
  • As long as another artifact enters the battlefield in any way, shape or form, four more energy will be created. You can then exile the copy of the Aether Heart created by Mishra and take another turn.
  • Rinse and repeat by copying the Heart again

So, to clarify, this is almost a two-card infinite combo. You also need to have another artifact enter the battlefield on your turn to go infinite. This can be done by any Planeswalker, like Karn, Living Legacy, that can create an artifact token.

Best Cards to Complete the Loop

karn, living legacy

In order to truly make this infinite, we need a card that can repetitively create an artifact token to trigger both copies of Gonti’s Aether Heart. As suggested above, Karn, Living Legacy, is a recent Planeswalker that can do this easily. Karn should also be able to convert into his Ultimate ability at some point (when you have mana to cast an artifact spell from hand to replace the Powerstone token for a turn) to win the game.

saheeli, the gifted

Saheeli, the Gifted is another Planeswalker in Grixis colors that creates a Servo every turn. This Planeswalker can also help cast Gonti’s Aether Heart initially, getting the combo online even faster. As long as you have enough cards in your deck, the Servo tokens created by Saheeli can be a win condition on their own.

retrofitter foundry

Retrofitter Foundry is a potent card printed in the same EDH deck that Saheeli, the Gifted captains. This artifact also stands to be a win condition on its own, as it can continually develop more powerful tokens as your infinite turns go by. This can also be a target for Mishra to animate that comes in on turn one.

ancestral statue

Ancestral Statue is a highly affordable card that goes above and beyond completing the requirements of this combo. Because of Ancestral Statue’s unique ability, it ends up being a combo piece in a bunch of different setups. However, this may not be as good in a Mishra deck since Mishra cannot animate copies of it.

portal of sanctuary

Used in some Paradox Engine loops in constructed, Portal of Sanctuary can bounce a creature, allowing you to recast it again. This isn’t ideal if you don’t have artifact creatures, but it’s an inexpensive tool that works.


A hilarious tool for a Commander player on a budget trying to make this combo work. There are better ways to get it done, but this works.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Anything!

The fact that less than 24 hours have passed since the MTG community already discovered this turns combo is absurd. The hivemind for this game is more massive than anyone can imagine, and it’s only growing larger. Players are already fervently discussing their first look at The Brothers’ War set releasing in November. If you want to hop in across all of the layers of social media, we covered all the most essential things here so you won’t miss out.

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