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New Host For MTG's Biggest Tournament Circuit Excites Players!

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Many competitive Magic: the Gathering players have been testing their meddle in the Regional Championship Circuit. Players around the globe participate in Regional Championship Qualifiers, trying to earn their qualification to the Regional Championship. There, players can compete for a spot at the coveted Pro Tour, competing with Magic’s brightest minds worldwide. Of course, this comes with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, but nothing beats the glory of winning a Pro Tour event.

While Regional Championship Qualifiers can be held by any number of hosts, including your LGS, Regional Championships have a consistent tournament host to put on the gigantic con-sized event that each season culminates to.

In the U.S., up to this point, Dreamhack has been the host for these events. American Regional Championships are consistently some of the biggest MTG tournaments in the world, with more than 900 players being rather commonplace at recent events.

A recent announcement reveals that Dreamhack will no longer host the Regional Championship series. That honor, instead, goes to one of the best tournament hosts in Magic’s history.

Star City Games Will Host the Regional Championship

MTG giant Star City Games has recently announced that they will be hosting the American Regional Championship series for the years of 2024-2025 and 2025-2026. Star City Games will also be “administering all Regional Championship Qualifier seasons that feed into these events.”

To be more precise, this means that, even though Star City Games will begin to host Regional Championships in 2024, they will not be taking over immediately. Regardless, many MTG players are immensely excited about this change.

Star City Games wants to make the Regional Championship experience reflect the effort it takes players to successfully qualify for the event. Qualifying for the Regional Championship can be quite difficult in the U.S., and a better tournament experience can motivate players to try their hardest to qualify for the next event.

“Qualifying for a Regional Championship is no small feat, and we aim to ensure that the experience qualified players receive matches the prestige of their accomplishment.”

Pete Hoefling

Players are Excited

Twitter user raff_sputin‘s quote of the announcement echoes many player’s excitement regarding Star City Games’ hosting of the Regional Championship event. Star City Games has a ton of experience running massive MTG events, which has players’ expectations of the quality of these events to be quite high.

That said, there is one aspect that MTG players are particularly interested in regarding Star City Games running the next season of Regional Championships: whether coverage will be available. No one really knows if coverage will be available for these events or not, but many players certainly want the top tier coverage that Star City Games is known for to return for the Regional Championship events.

Some players are worried that Regional Championship events may now exclusively take place on the West Coast, as that is where most Star City Games con events currently occur. There is no need to worry, as Star City Games specifically stated that their events are slated to appear all over the United States.

“Beginning with the final Regional Championship of 2024, those experiences will be held at SCG CON events, slated to take place on the West Coast, East Coast, and Central regions of the United States.”

Some MTG players are sad that Dreamhack will no longer be hosting the Regional Championship circuit. Having the option to partake in non-MTG events during the Regional Championship event, for those knocked out of the tournament, was also something that some MTG players enjoyed. While Dreamhack had these options for players, Star City Games cons will likely be exclusively focused on MTG and other TCGs.

“Mixed feelings about this announcement. Having US regionals at Dreamhack made them feel like a big deal and there was a lot to do during downtime. At the same time I think having SCG run them will be a little more smooth. Overall though I think this is a big minus.”


Ultimately, most players remain excited and optimistic about this change.

Unlimited Regional Championship Qualifiers for Winners

Perhaps the biggest change for Star City Games’ Regional Championships will be an incredibly significant change in Regional Championship Qualifiers. During Dreamhack’s running of the Regional Championship circuit, players qualified for a Regional Championship for a particular season could no longer participate in Regional Championship Qualifiers for that season. Needless to say, this decision was rather unpopular, as many players were left without many paper events to play if they qualified for a Regional Championship early into the season.

The above tweet suggests that this will no longer be in place. Players who qualify for Regional Championships early in the season will be free to continue playing in Regional Championship Qualifiers. This should make a ton of MTG grinders incredibly happy, able to participate in as many events as they please. Just remember that this change only applies once Star City Games eventually takes over the Regional Championship circuit.

First SCG Regional Championship Announced

Star City Games’ first Regional Championship has been announced. Unfortunately, players looking forward to this particular event will need to wait until October 4th. This event will be held in Washington, D.C. More details can be found on the Star City Games Regional Championship Qualifier website as they are made available.

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