14, Aug, 23

New Exclusive MTG Anime Promos Could Be Worth a Ton!

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Article at a Glance

Recently, we’ve seen a large number of promo cards get revealed. With announcements regarding 2023 Eternal Weekend, the Legacy and Vintage Championship promos are now known. Anyone looking to compete in these extremely large events has a chance to get their hands on an exclusive Dragon’s Rage Channeler or Mental Misstep promo, which each can go for huge chunk of cash.

In addition to Eternal Weekend promos, we also have information on a handful of Duel Masters promos, showcasing past MTG cards with unique artwork designed to celebrate the Duel Masters TCG. These promos, while featuring relatively mediocre cards such as Nicol Bolas, are Japanese-exclusive. As a result, they may be a bit pricier than otherwise expected.

Speaking of Japanese promos, however, there is yet another set of promo cards that has been revealed today. Both Liliana of the Veil and Braids, Arisen Nightmare showcase what can be obtained at Planeswalker Friendly Match (PWFM) events in the upcoming season. Planeswalker event promos are not new to MTG, but they are being handled differently than they have been in the past. To better understand what these promos are and how to get them, it’s important to look at the PWFM promos from the ongoing season.

2023 PWFM Promos

Elspeth Resplendent

Planeswalker Event promos have been around since 2019. They are all foil, and they originally were given as rewards for the Planeswalker Championship, which was a program specific to Japan. The concepts of the Planeswalker Championship were moved to a new series called the Planeswalker Friendly Match Series back in April 2023, though the events are run similarly. These tournaments are Standard, and there are participation prize promos as well as special promos for the winners.

The PWFM promos for the ongoing season are Elspeth Resplendent and Giada, Font of Hope. These PWFM events currently can be held twice a month by WPN stores, and four times a month by Premium stores. Elspeth Resplendent in particular is given as a reward for winners during the ongoing season, while Giada is the participation prize promo.

Given that this Elspeth Resplendent promo is both exclusive to Japan and also given as a winner’s reward, the card is worth a significant amount more than a normal copy of Elspeth Resplendent. Right now, the card is out of stock on TCGplayer, and the market price is $119. For reference, this card is normally about $3. This goes to show just how exclusive these promos can be. However, the PWFM promos for next season are being distributed in a different manner.

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Upcoming PWFM Promos

As mentioned, the upcoming promos are Liliana of the Veil and Braids, Arisen Nightmare. Unlike with the current season promos, though, these promos are going to be randomly distributed at their appropriate events. This is likely meant to make the events resemble a more casual environment. While this could mean that neither of the promos are quite as rare and exclusive as the Elspeth Resplendent promo for this season, it’s unclear exactly how many copies of each card are going to be made available at these Japanese events.

What is clear, however, is that these cards are likely to be in relatively high demand. If Jumpstart 2022 was any indication, players love Japanese anime-inspired cards. For example, anime-style versions of Coldsteel Heart from Jumpstart 2022 went for roughly $20 after release, which was significantly more than a normal version of Coldsteel Heart, which went for about $1.

There’s also a lot of hype around the Enchanting Tales bonus sheet cards from Wilds of Eldraine, as 20 of the 63 cards on the bonus sheet will also have anime versions with unique artwork. Cards like Doubling Season, even though bonus sheet cards often plummet in value, could have their anime versions go for quite a bit. In this sense, these promos could go for a decent amount of money, even though neither Braids nor Liliana are super expensive at the moment. Obviously, overall supply matters, as the total number of these promos is unknown, but demand is sure to be high regardless.

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Beyond Just Cards

Speaking of MTG products that are sure to be in high demand, there’s more than just promo cards that have been announced. In addition to the Liliana of the Veil and Braids card promos, players can also walk away with beautiful sleeves and playmats. These aren’t just any sleeves and playmats, however. Instead, they both feature the anime artwork of Spectral Sailor from Jumpstart 2022. While not quite as outrageous as Coldsteel Heart after release, Spectral Sailor with anime artwork does sit at over $1.50 on TCGplayer. That’s still not much but given that Spectral Sailor is otherwise under 20 cents, it still shows how popular the anime artwork for Spectral Sailor is.

Notably, the Spectral Sailor playmats and sleeves will also be given out randomly at these Japanese Standard events. Beyond cards, sleeves, and playmats, it appears there may also be some form of stickers available in this promotion as well. It will be interesting to see how many of each of these products there ends up being in circulation, as Western players have expressed their interest in promos like these.

With regards to the Planeswalker event promos, there’s a huge price range that the cards might go for. While Elspeth Resplendent’s price may have seemed quite high, the promo of The Wandering Emperor that was given to the winner of last year’s Autumn Planeswalker Championship event is worth nearly $700. Only time will tell how expensive the Braids and Liliana promos end up being.

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