7, Mar, 24

MTG Universes Beyond Mechanics Could Return Renamed!

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Article at a Glance

While opinions on Universes Beyond sets vary, they are mostly loved for their enriching gameplay and their incredibly immersive experiences. Details are, for the most part, incredibly intricate, allowing players to truly experience their favorite fandoms in the world of MTG.

A big part of this immersion comes in the form of new mechanics. Tempting the Ring, while in itself had some flavor issues, was a great way to create a unique Limited format. For many MTG players, this was the most immersive experience that Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth could offer.

MTG Fallout also happens to be introducing new mechanics that aid in immersing you in the Fallout universe. Rad Counters are, in our opinion, the most intricate and most exciting mechanic released by Wizards of the Coast in quite some time. Considering how cool the new Junk Tokens and Rad Counters are, it would be a shame if these were doomed to be one-off mechanics never to be repeated.

Fortunately, for players who want these mechanics to return in-universe, there is some hope. MTG designer Mark Rosewater confirmed that not only may these mechanics return to Magic in the future, but they may also get different skins!

The Future of Rad and Junk

Junk Token

MTG Fallout’s new Junk Tokens and Rad Counters seem beloved by the community. Impulse drawing has been an integral way to allow red to have card advantage, so putting this on a token only seemed like a matter of time. Conversely, Rad Counters are much more unique as they both mill and damage opponents. It would be a shame if either of these mechanics were left behind in MTG’s future.

It appears that we are not alone in our thoughts. Asking MTG designer Mark Rosewater on Blogatog, user Rottinghellkite had a similar question, asking if “Rad Counters and Junk Tokens things we could see outside of a Fallout UB product?”

Fortunately, for players who want to see these new mechanics return, there is a possibility. According to MTG Lead Designer Mark Rosewater’ “any mechanic/counter/token we make in one product is fair game for other products.”

Sadly, despite this statement from Rosewater, this is hardly a confirmation that Junk Tokens and Rad Counters will return soon. That being said, there’s nonetheless a possibility that we could see more in the future, which is great to see.

Same Mechanic, Different Name

While Junk Tokens could easily be applied to many MTG worlds without too much difficulty, Rad Counters are pretty unique. Not many MTG worlds may offer a bizarre state of radioactive decay that grants benefits while also killing you. Outside of core MTG sets, even future Universes Beyond sets are unlikely to be a perfect fit. Since Junk Tokens and Rad Counters are so inherently Fallout, other franchises would likely steer clear.

Thankfully, MTG players won’t be left waiting until a hypothetical second round of Fallout Commander decks. Instead, in their reply to Rottinghellkite, Rosewater revealed that mechanics could be reused, provided that they’re re-named. Specifically, Rosewater states that ” For some Universes Beyond things, it might require a different name.”

Will this mean that Rad Counters and Junk Tokens get an in-universe name? It’s tough to know for sure, but it appears to be a possibility. Ultimately, Wizards’ use of these mechanics will depend on the needs of each set. If a future MTG release really wants Rad Counters, then it seems Wizards is free to use them, albeit under a different name.

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Implications for Other Mechanics?

Fiery Inscription | The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Tales of Middle-earth
Fiery Inscription | The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth

Judging by Rosewater’s statement, it seems that any Universes Beyond mechanic could be renamed for more general use. This presumably includes those from past sets such as Tales of Middle-earth and Doctor Who. In theory, this could mean that Tempted by the Ring and Time Travel could both return in the future. Admittedly, while MTG players may like to see more of these mechanics, the latter is much more likely than the former.

Right now, while it seems Wizards has plenty of options ahead of them, we don’t know what the future will hold. So, for the time being, we’ll just have to enjoy what cards we do have. Thankfully, this is very easy to do with the Fallout Commander decks since they each look exceptionally fun.

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