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MTG Snow-Covered Wastes and Evoke Elemental Reprint Revealed!

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Article at a Glance

Modern Horizons 3 looks like the biggest set of 2024. We’ve already had some jaw-dropping announcements in the form of Fetch Land reprints and a new cycle of free spells, but leaks have continually hit the internet, and Modern Horizons 3 is far from done.

Even more revealed information is hitting the internet from Magic Con Chicago! Two huge cards have been revealed that compare to the previous announcements from the Magic Con Chicago Panel. Not only are we getting an absolutely incredible reprint, but a new type of Basic Land is coming in Modern Horizons 3!

Snow-Covered Wastes

While we have had Snow-Covered Basic Lands and Wastes before, Snow-Covered Wastes are something entirely new!

Snow-Covered Wastes have historically been a popular topic on Blogatog, where MTG designer Mark Rosewater suggested that there was a chance that Snow-Covered Wastes do become a thing, but only if colorless mana and Snow-Covered strategies intersected with a set.

Thanks to this timely spoiler, it appears that Modern Horizons 3 may have both Snow-Covered and Colorless synergies in its Limited formats. Colorless mattering has been made very apparent with the Eldrazi subtheme, but we have not seen anything to suggest that Snow-Covered themes will matter in Modern Horizons 3.

Regardless, this has been a popular ask from the MTG community, so fans are nonetheless excited to see its reveal. Wise MTG players may want to go out of the way to stock up on these new Basic Lands, as the opportunities to print them may be far and few between. That said, these could definitely show up in a Secret Lair.

As Redditor Aeschylus101 jokes, this gives a whole new meaning to Eldrazi Winter.

Solitude Revealed

The Cycle of Evoke Elementals were some of the most impactful cards on Magic as a whole printed in recent memory. These were the free spell cycle from the last Modern Horizons set, and they went on to warp the entire Modern format. They are also incredibly popular in Legacy. Thanks to their free cost being an Evoke one, whether you’re Blinking your Evoke elementals on entry, or synergizing with cards like Up the Beanstalk, there a ton of different ways to break these creatures.

This spoiler shows off Solitude with a new full-art treatment. The card appears to be part of the Special Guests list for Modern Horizons 3.

This likely means that the other Evoke Elementals will also appear as Special Guests for Modern Horizons 3. While there is no confirmation of this, it would be exceedingly strange to just reprint Solitude and leave the others out.

Speculating a bit further, this also means that we are unlikely to see any more Evoke Elementals bans in the near future. Since these cards are being reprinted in a new set, Wizards of the Coast may not be eager to ban cards that are selling future product. That said, Fury was recently banned, which bucks this trend a bit.

As we’ve experienced with past Special Guests printings, they are exceedingly rare. Due to this, don’t expect these Evoke Elemental reprints to drop the market value of the expensive cycle. While these cards could definitely afford to drop in price a bit, we have not really seen Special Guest reprints affect the secondary market at all. Instead, a new premium printing of beloved MTG cards are introduced. Regardless, having the small chance of opening an Evoke Elemental in your Modern Horizons 3 packs just makes things more exciting.

Will They be Serialized?

Serialized Evoke Elementals would be incredibly expensive, but at this point, we have no idea if these Special Guests will get the serialized treatment. That said, it was revealed that serialized cards are coming to Modern Horizons 3, as some full-art copies of a new Eldrazi Titan, Emrakul, the World Anew, were shown off with serialized treatments.

Magic Con Chicago has been absolutely knocking it out of the park with MTG spoilers. Here’s a list of things that we’ve seen so far:

If you’re curious about Modern Horizons 3, you can find everything we know about it here.

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