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MTG Secret Lair Spoils Two New Reversible Powerful Token Commanders!

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Some of the most successful products in the recent MTG Secret Lair offerings are the premium Commander preconstructed decks. Each of them had their issues, like the insane delay time on the first coinflip-based Secret Lair Commander precon, but these decks delivered on both playability and financial value. Even if the individual cards aren’t super expensive, the Secret Lair exclusive variants have traditionally been worth a ton. Just look at the recent price increases to some of the exclusive cards from the Angels Commander precon.

For the latest Secret Lair Commander precon, things are changing a bit. Instead of the entire deck getting spoiled in one sitting, spoilers are going up on the Secret Lair website every few days. Today, two Commanders were revealed to be getting a reprint in the reversible Secret Lair treatments. The cards aren’t expensive financially, but they do make for incredible Commanders inside and outside this deck. Players who have these Commanders built already may be eager to get their hands on these premium reprints!

Jetmir, Nexus of Revels

Two new popular cat and dog-theme Commanders were revealed with reversible art as part of the upcoming Raining Cats and Dogs Secret Lair precon today. Jetmir, Nexus of Revels is an incredible Naya Commander that turns any go-wide strategy into a lethal weapon.

For four mana, Jetmir turns any go-wide board of creatures into a massive amount of damage. Jetmir’s payoffs scale with how wide your board is, but as long as you have nine creatures in play, will essentially have two powers, Vigilance, Trample, and Double Strike added to their previous stats. With Trample and Double Strike making for a devastating swing, any board of tokens can turn into a win condition, including a board made with the supported Commander.

Rin and Seri, Inseparable, the intended Commander for the Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck, can create Cat and Dog tokens whenever another Cat or Dog enters the battlefield. As long as the rest of the Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck focuses on the go-wide token strategy, Jetmir can essentially become an on-theme Craterhoof Behemoth, ready to end the game on a moment’s notice. Considering that Anointed Procession was rumored to be a part of this deck as well, the possibility of this deck wanting to go wide is quite high.

As far as financial value goes, Jetmir, Nexus of Revels has some moderate secondary market value. The cheapest variant of the card currently goes for about $5.50 according to TCGplayer, with premium variants going for as much as $35. Jetmir currently only has a printing from the Streets of New Capenna, so both its normal and premium treatment comes from there.

It’s not an incredible reprint, but Jetmir, Nexus of Revels is very on-theme for the deck’s strategy and is quite a powerful finisher. Players should be happy with this reprint, but not breaking the door down.

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Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second

Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second from the Streets of New Capenna is the other reversible Commander previewed as part of the Raining Cats and Dogs Commander deck. Much like Jetmir, Jinnie Fay is an incredibly popular Commander for token-based strategies trying to go-wide.

Jinnie Fay offers a replacement ability that makes your little tokens a lot more deadly. Whenever you create one or more tokens, you can instead have those tokens become 2/2 green Cat creature tokens with Haste, or 3/1 green Dog creature tokens with Vigilance. The Green Cat mode of Jinnie Fay is generally favored, able to turn any token generation into immediate damage.

Despite Jinnie Fay being a popular token-based Commander, Jinnie Fay does not have any relevant secondary market value. The premium Gilded Foil version from Streets of New Capenna is only worth about $6, and the base variant of the card is not even worth a dollar.

Despite this, the reversible Secret Lair variant of Jinnie Fay could be worth quite a bit more. As we previously stated, the Secret Lair exclusives for Gisela, the Broken Blade temporarily spiked $100 this past week.

Basic Land Update

An additional update in regards to the Raining Cats and Dogs Secret Lair deck this Friday also reveals that the full art Basic Lands we saw last week will be the artwork for each and every basic land in the deck! This is incredible news that has a lot of players extremely excited for the new Raining Cats and Dogs deck:

“Heck yes. These are fantastic. This deck is looking really good with the few cards we’ve seen, especially with the announcement that all the basics will be special.

I love that Jinnie’s dogs are all named after the guild leaders!”


“I don’t even care what else is left to be revealed this a auto purchase”


While players were rather critical of the artwork’s qualities previously, an entirely on-theme basic land base is seriously exciting for MTG players who want to immerse themselves in the cat and dog themes of the deck. Personally, this one aspect has won me over. This is an incredible addition to the Secret Lair precon, and could be a great option to make preconstructed decks feel special moving forward.

All in all, the Raining Cats and Dogs Secret Lair deck looks powerful, beautiful, and flavorful. Many fans are already sold on this deck, and the switch to Limited Print runs for the Secret Lair products could mean that this one sells out quickly. More spoilers for the Raining Cats and Dogs Secret Lair deck will hit the internet on January 19th according to the official Secret Lair site.

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