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MTG Reveal Exclusive Commander Cards In Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set and Collector Boosters

There will be eight new-to-Magic Commander cards in Set and Collector Boosters only.
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We’re early into Innistrad: Midnight Hunt previews with Werewolves, Planeswalkers, and returning characters already making an impression in the reveals.

If you want to get caught up on the previews so far, we have a dedicated Innistrad: Midnight Hunt preview gallery to get you up to speed.

Not only are we seeing new cards for Standard, but also new cards for Commander outside of the preconstructed decks. These are coming exclusively in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set and Collector boosters.

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Exculsive Commander Cards coming to Midnight Hunt Set and Collector Boosters

As revealed yesterday, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) that they’re not only updating cards that are on ‘The List’, but adding unique Commander cards to Set Boosters. You won’t find these anywhere else, not even in the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Coven Counters and Undead Unleashed Commander decks.

The cards are Visions of Dominance, Visions of Duplicity, Visions of Glory, Visions of Ruin, and Visions of Dread which completes a new cycle of cards for Commander. Going further, Curse of Obsesses and Avacyn’s Memorial are also new to Commander, and only accessible through these Set Boosters. However, there is an eighth card that will be previewed on Weekly MTG on September 9 which according to WotC, is a mythic rare card.

It’s clear WotC want to drive the sales of Set and Collector Boosters, so adding unique cards to the rotation will sure get Commander players picking up packs. Granted, you aren’t guaranteed to get one of these cards, as they are in the ancillary slot.

Either way, lets hope these cards aren’t highly desirable as it may be difficult to acquire, given the limited print run with Set and Collector Boosters.

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