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MTG Pro Players React to World Championship XXVII Reschedule

World Championship XXVII delayed due to delayed Arena downtime.
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Earlier today, Magic Esports Twitter announced a reschedule to the World Championship XXVII, one of the most desired events in the MTG competitive calendar.

Citing ‘stability’ as the reason for this, the MTG Arena event will now begin at 9 am PDT on Friday instead of Thursday. Also, there will be 9 rounds on Friday instead of 6, with 3 of those being played on Thursday originally. With this news, it’s caused an outage in the community for non-American competitors as it’s not favorable in their local time zones.

You will be able to catch the event starting from 9 am PDT on Friday over on the official Magic Twitch channel.

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MTG Pro Players React to the Worlds Championship Reschedule

As such with the announcement, non-US based MTG players are outraged with the changes as it impacts their ability to compete. In most cases, it means players will be staying up as late as 5 am on European time to compete in the high-stakes event – especially if they make the Top 4 of the event.

The reason for the reschedule is due to a delayed Arena downtime which was meant to happen on Wednesday but is now put back until Thursday. With this change, World Championships is now starting on Friday instead.

As such, players are furious with the changes as they now have to compete at unreasonable hours, and it can harm viewership for those on non-American hours. Either way, it looks like this will be the schedule going forward and hope the MTG pros can adjust accordingly.

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