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MTG Players Rejoice in Unexpected Alchemy Set Disappearance

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Article at a Glance

Ever since it first launched in December 2021, it’s safe to say Alchemy hasn’t been the most beloved MTG format. Utilizing new and bold digital-only mechanics, Alchemy pushed the limits of MTG’s design space, arguably even more than Un-sets. Couple this defining feature with rebalancing with exacerbated economic struggles, and Alchemy quickly became the most despised set around.

While Alchemy did have some supporters who enjoyed the format’s digital possibilities, many players consistently rallied against it. Despite this near-constant negativity, however, Wizards of the Coast has continued making Alchemy sets for MTG Arena. That is, however, until recently. Much to the surprise of many MTG players, March of the Machine isn’t getting an Alchemy set. Upon hearing this news, numerous players have been quick to celebrate, however, this reaction may be a little premature. 

Alchemy Begone!

Tezzeret's Reckoning
Tezzeret’s Reckoning | Alchemy: Phyrexia

In a blog post released this week, WotC officially announced that March of the Machine won’t get an Alchemy set. Explaining this decision, Wizards pointed to the upcoming launch of March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Scheduled for May 12th, three weeks after March of the Machine’s release date, this set occupies the space typically devoted to Alchemy sets. Subsequently, due to this overlap, Wizards decided to scrap the Alchemy release altogether. 

While this effective cancellation obviously isn’t good news for Alchemy fans, it’s not all terrible. As, rather than the set’s recourses being squandered, they’re simply being allocated elsewhere. “Alchemy efforts and excitement will continue to be focused on The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth.” Hopefully should mean the launch of this Alchemy and Historic legal set should go off without a hitch. 

Initially, the news of the Alchemy disappearance didn’t catch players’ attention, as it was surprisingly easy to miss. Buried within a release notes blog post, it took two days for MTG Arena players to realize what was going on. When they did, much of the community erupted in delight, eagerly celebrating the lack of an Alchemy set. 

In doing this, some players, such as u/Bochulaz, simply stated, “Good.” Others like u/rollymac204, for instance, used a for more words to share their excitement. “This is the greatest Alchemy-related news I have read since its godforsaken conception.” Furthermore, players such as u/GotBacon4Life took a more comical approach, commenting this is “Terrible news for the dozens of Alchemy players.”

Alchemy Is Gone For Good? 

Lizardfolk Librarians
Lizardfolk Librarians | Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate

Alongside MTG players celebrating the lack of an Alchemy set, others wondered what this decision might mean for MTG’s future. Sure, it might seem like Alchemy: March of the Machine’s demise is just a timing issue, but there could be more to it. That’s what players such as u/Chilly_chariots are suggesting, at least. While there might not be much evidence to support it, some believe Alchemy is being shut down for good. 

“Hmmmm. Might imply that they’re walking back their Alchemy digital card efforts (LotR is technically Alchemy-legal, but afaik there won’t be any digital-only cards/mechanics)” 


Considering how much Alchemy has been criticized since its inception, unsurprisingly, many MTG players quite liked this idea. In fact, this is hardly the first time that players have requested Alchemy be removed altogether. Typically, these suggestions aren’t given much attention, however, as Chilly_chariots points out, it may actually be viable this time around. As, in a break from tradition, The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth shouldn’t feature any rebalancing. 

Back when this announcement was first made, many players lauded the decision from Wizards. Believing it to be a sign of changing attitudes, players hoped Wizards would stop rebalancing altogether. Now that an Alchemy set has been canned, this theory seems to be even more viable. Unfortunately for players pinning their hopes on this, however, Wizards has made no such official announcement. Instead, only a single Alchemy release has been dropped, with no future plans being confirmed.

Reminding players of this were Reddit users such as u/Yojimbra, who reiterated how WotC’s announcement had the answers. “There’s nothing to imply. They don’t want to release a product at the same time as another. And since MOM Alchemy and [March of the Machine: the Aftermath] would come out at the same time…” 

All Eyes On The Aftermath

March of the Machine The Aftermath Box Art
March of the Machine The Aftermath Box Art

While there’s no indication that Alchemy releases will be stopping beyond this one brief blip, there’s still plenty for players to get excited about. After all, this Alchemy set isn’t just missing, it’s instead being replaced by March of the Machine: The Aftermath. Providing a vaguely similar experience to an Alchemy set, this 50-card supplemental release should add plenty of spice to Standard. 

Previously, when discussing March of the Machine: The Aftermath, all we’ve had to go off is two spoilers and hope. Now, however, a new massive leak has revealed all, spoiling over half of the set’s cards ahead of schedule. Subsequently, there’s no good cause to get very excited, as plenty of powerful and exciting cards are on the way. Since these cards are also full of spoilers, we won’t be going into detail here. If you want to know more, however, just click the link below!

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