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MTG Players Frustrated by Poor Secret Lair Promo Selection

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Starting today, players have the opportunity to pick up some new Secret Lair products. The Winter Superdrop 2024 Secret Lair drop series is now available, and there are a wide range of bundle options for players to purchase. Of course, players can also pick up Secret Lair products individually, but if you are interested in obtaining multiple Secret Lairs at once, picking up a bundle might be your best option.

A few of the bundles in particular also come with a new foil, alternate art, red-bordered copy of The Scorpion God as a bonus. The Scorpion God promo is available until March 3, 11:59 PT, though it should be noted that Secret Lairs are typically in limited stock. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can get a copy of The Scorpion God with your next purchase.

Promo for Specific Bundles

The Scorpion God

Getting your hands on The Scorpion God promo is actually rather easy. There are three bundles that each come with all the different Secret Lair options in one place. The “All the Savory Non-Foils Bundle,” unsurprisingly, comes with every Secret Lair card in non-foil. By contrast, the “All the Sweet Foils Bundle” comes with all the cards in foil. Finally, the “Everything on the Menu Bundle” is available for players who want access to all of the cards in both foil and non-foil.

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Every one of these bundles will come with a copy of The Scorpion God at no additional cost. Importantly, if you choose to buy multiple of the bundles listed above, you will receive a copy of The Scorpion God for each bundle you ordered. For example, if you wanted multiple copies of the Scorpion God promo but were still looking to get every Secret Lair card in foil and non-foil, rather than buying the “Everything on the Menu Bundle” for $299.99, you could buy the foil and non-foil bundles for $179.99 and $129.99 each, respectively.

This would total to $309.98 instead of $299.99, so you would essentially be paying an extra $9.99 to get two promos of The Scorpion God instead of just one. Unfortunately, though, while this may sound like a nice deal, The Scorpion God promos are unlikely to go for much money.

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Value Breakdown

The Locust God

While we don’t know exactly how much the promo version of The Scorpion God will go for, we can certainly get a rough estimate. Both The Locust God and The Scarab God have appeared as Secret Lair promos in the past, and neither of them break the bank. The Locust God, for instance, is worth just over $2 in its cheapest, traditional form according to TCGPlayer market price. The foil Secret Lair promo is worth roughly $10, by comparison.

The Scarab God is worth much more in its cheapest traditional form, sitting around $11. Even still, the foil promo variant is only between $15 and $16. The Scorpion God’s general price is roughly $3, meaning the promo variant is unlikely to be worth much more than The Locust God promo is, if at all.

Assuming this is the case, there isn’t much of a benefit either way towards purchasing the major $299.99 bundle or the foil and non-foil bundles separately, as the price difference between the bundles is likely similar to the price difference between a single copy of The Scorpion God or two.

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Player Disappointment

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Overall, after the way promos of The Locust God were handled in the previous Superdrop, it’s nice that there’s plenty of clarity regarding how to get a hold of The Scorpion God guaranteed. That being said, this isn’t to say that players aren’t a bit disappointed with the promo selection and the way to receive it. In the last Superdrop, players needed to spend at least $200. The issues came from the fact that the Black Friday discount inconveniently put certain bundle options just below the $200 threshold.

While this was a bit frustrating, this did give players the chance to mix and match the bundles of their choice. Now, as memoriesoffinal points out above, you could end up spending more money by buying multiple of the other bundles listed, such as the “Dark Mysteries Bundle,” and ultimately not receive a promo.

Many players are generally underwhelmed by the promo choice, as it doesn’t hold much value in the first place. Obviously, Wizards of the Coast is sticking with the God theme, but unlike The Scarab God, The Scorpion God isn’t worth much to begin with. Additionally, the art and border style of the promo is rather controversial, as plenty of players aren’t fans. It waits to be seen how much this style ends up being used in the future and if the reprint value of future Secret Lair promos ends up being better, but for now, players have been sure to voice their opinions.

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