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19, Jan, 23

MTG ONE Infinite Combo Leak Causes 6000% Buyout Increase!

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Just when we thought that a good official spoiler season would take over Phyrexia: All Will be One previews, lightning struck twice. A recent YouTube video appeared, detailing Spanish versions of almost the entire new set ahead of time. Among the cards detailed was a new Mythic Rare enchantment with speculators rushing to the secondary marketplace. It looks like the new Red enchantment, notably the set’s namesake card, may be an incredibly powerful infinite combo tool.

As is our usual note with unofficial spoilers, there is a chance that this card could be fake. Seeing as it came from a box of Phyrexia: All Will Be One. However, that is pretty unlikely. If you want to wait for officially spoiled cards, consider this a spoiler warning.

All Will Be One

Shortly after being spoiled, All Will Be One quickly appeared on the MTG Finance subreddit. This enchantment, translated by the poster of its thread, apparently does the following:

“All Will Be One 3RR


Whenever you put one or more counters on a permanent or player, All Will Be One deals that same amount of damage to target opponent or target creature or Planeswalker that opponent controls.” – Prid3

The implications of this card within its set is obvious: turn Poison Counters and Proliferate triggers into additional damage. This also becomes incredibly powerful when used alongside Planeswalkers since they both enter the battlefield and keep adding counters to a permanent over time. Obviously, effects like this are far stronger outside of Limited, and that’s what many MTG players are speculating on. Prid3 follows up this leak with some speculations of their own:

“War Elemental, The Red Terror and Phyrexian Devourer all instantly kill with All Will Be One which leads me to believe that it could be a powerful removal engine and combo finisher moving forward. These are all cards that I want to be watching as a result. Putting instant-kill combos aside the card is hilarious with things like Dark Depths (10 damage from a land drop O.O!) and [[Minsc and Boo, Timeless Heroes]] and will undoubtedly find homes in numerous shells and archetypes. Tyranids, Hydras, Super Friends, +1/+1 counters and more will all include it. It’s an absolutely bonkers card in the right shells.”

All is Being Bought

the red terror

All of the infinite combo pieces pointed out in this thread are now seeing some massive buyouts, but The Red Terror is showing a stronger buyout than the other cards. For reference, this is a Tyranid from the Temur Warhammer Commander deck. When All Will Be One deals damage, The Red Terror will gain a counter. This counter will trigger All Will Be One, establishing the loop.

Shortly after this speculation post went live, it didn’t take long for any Red Terror Surge Foil under $10 to disappear from TCGplayer. The only ones left are priced at around $19, which is way above the current market average.

The Red Terror wasn’t too popular prior to this leak, so you can find copies of the normal version for under a dollar. That said, this card’s interest has increased significantly over the past 24 hours. As seen in the image above, there are multiple instances of players buying 50+ copies of this card per order starting yesterday. Only eight copies of The Red Terror were sold on TCGplayer the following day. 495 of the original copies were sold on the 18th, marking a 6087.5% increase in interest over this card. I will be shocked if The Red Terror does not see at least a bit of a spike due to this.

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War Elemental

war elemental

War Elemental goes infinite with All Will Be One in a similar fashion. As long as damage has been dealt previously, casting War Elemental and dealing damage to an opponent will end the game. This is caused by the same feedback loop that occurs with The Red Terror: All Will Be One dealing damage puts counters on War Elemental, which, in turn, causes All Will Be One to deal more damage.

Like The Red Terror, War Elemental saw a sudden surge in secondary market interest, but not as severe. The uptick is still clear, however, as not a single copy of War Elemental was sold the previous day (17th) on TCGplayer. 46 copies of War Elemental sold the next day.

Notably, there is only one printing of War Elemental currently available from a relatively old set. As a result, if interest in this combo increases, or if the namesake card sees an official spoiling, I would not be surprised if the interest in War Elemental sees an uptick.

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Phyrexian Devourer

phyrexian devourer

Unlike the other two infinite combo pieces highlighted in Prid3’s comment, Phyrexian Devourer did not really see a notable increase in interest. This card also only has one printing currently available in Alliances, a very old MTG set. The card is beginning to pick up some steam today (19th), but unlike the other two cards listed, this one already has a price above $10. This is due to the only copy of the card being printed in a very old set.

Phyrexian Devourer should be a death combo in most situations but technically does not go infinite with All Will Be One on its own. Phyrexian Devourer allows its owner to remove the top card of their library from the game. The Devourer then puts a +X+X counter on it equal to the mana value of the card removed. This counter should, theoretically, trigger All Will Be One for damage. The issue is that Phyrexian Devourer sacrifices itself once it gets too big, meaning that, at some point, you need to start relentlessly activating Devourer’s ability in response to its own sacrifice trigger, putting you at risk of decking out. This makes it the less appealing of the infinite combo options.

Synergies Everywhere!

All Will Be One will likely play host to a ton of different infinite combos. These are just some of the more obvious ones that are easy to assemble. This card has some incredible synergies outside of infinite combos as well. This turns any Planeswalker entering the battlefield into a removal spell and does some silly things in +1/+1 counter decks like the Tyranid Swarm preconstructed deck. If this card is real, expect it to impact the secondary market in more ways than what was outlined here.

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