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MTG March of the Machine Sleeper Sees 900% Price Increase!

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March of the Machine has been in the marketplace for a few weeks now, and most of the set is declining in price. This is mainly because, as more packs are being opened, tons of copies of all the singles in the set are hitting the marketplace… more than the community could possibly want. As a result, there are way too many copies of these cards for there to be any meaningful increase in price surrounding them… with one exception. It seems that MTG players missed another March of the Machine format bomb, as a 50-cent rare from the set is now seeing an incredible amount of Commander play and may be a contender in the upcoming Pro Tour next week! Why is everyone starting to See Double?

See Double

see double

See Double is a four-mana instant in blue that offers two effects. If your opponent has eight or more cards in their graveyard, you get to take advantage of both effects this card can grant. Otherwise, you’ll need to choose the ability that best suits your needs.

See Double’s first effect is the ability to copy a spell. Honestly, four mana is pretty expensive for a Fork effect, especially when Galvanic Iteration is currently Standard Legal. That said, the main purpose of this ability is to copy your opponent’s spells. A big reason why this is currently seeing a ton of Standard play is because players can use it to, essentially, cash in on your opponent’s Atraxa reanimator combo by making one of your own for just four mana. Notably, See Double cannot be copied itself, so this generally cannot be used as an infinite combo piece.

The second ability that See Double offers is the ability to create a creature token. This card has obvious synergies in EDH, especially since you can create a token copy of any creature. Additionally, you can continue using this to copy an opponent’s Atraxa in play.

While See Double is not a great option to copy your own Commander (since it will die to the Legend Rule), it is an incredibly powerful tool to use alongside Hidetsugu and Kairi, a turn-three combo budget Commander we covered earlier this week.

In terms of price, See Double is up from 50 cents to $5 over the week. While this card’s rise in price started as speculation, it quickly proved its mettle through strong performances in Commander and Standard.

See Double in Standard

As mentioned in the previous section discussing See Double, this card is seeing a big increase in play in the Standard format and Commander. MTG icon Saffron Olive mentioned the card on Twitter, stating that it was his favorite thing to be doing in the format. Pictured is the results of the See Double Hellraiser brew which, as the name suggests, uses See Double to copy Capricious Hellraiser, which, on entry, can re-cast the See Double. This may have also significantly contributed to the card’s rise in price week over week.

Guardian of Faith

guardian of faith

Yet another Knight card sees a huge financial increase. If you’ve been paying attention to the secondary market over the past few weeks, this card’s increase shouldn’t surprise you. Guardian of Faith is a Knight with a powerful ability that lets you Phase Out your other creatures at instant speed, protecting them from board wipes.

Among March of the Machine’s new Commander decks, the preconstructed Knight’s Charge deck is currently the one getting the most attention. Featuring a new Commander with the broken Eminence keyword ability, any powerful Knight creatures not reprinted in the deck have seen an uptick in price for the past few weeks. Now, it’s the Guardian of Faith’s turn.

In terms of price, Guardian of Faith started seeing an uptick in price from about $3 at the beginning of March. The card already showcased somewhat turbulent pricing before the announcement of the Knight’s Charge Commander precon. Still, the card saw a huge uptick in price after Knights cards became a hot topic in financial circles. Nowadays, you can find Guardian of Faiths going for between $8 and $10 on TCGplayer, but near-mint nonfoil copies have sold for as much as $15 in recent days.

Rona Combo Continues to Climb

We mentioned that a new Pioneer combo deck has begun affecting the secondary market last week. Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy saw a rather violent explosion in interest as a result, but Mox Amber also saw another uptick due to the deck playing four copies of the card. Amber’s increase in price has continued for the second week in a row, hitting $30 on average from a $23 low at the beginning of March. This is only a $2 increase from the previous week, but the Amber is now consistently selling for this price – it was rather unstable the week before.

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, also continues its meteoric rise to fame, hitting about $30 this week. Jace was worth about $20 last weekend, according to TCGplayer sales, doubling in price from its $8 price tag the previous week. If you want to learn more about Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, in detail, we discussed it in much deeper detail last week.

rona, herald of invasion

For those interested in the namesake card of the combo, Rona, Herald of Invasion from March of the Machine is starting to see a small uptick, but the marketplace is incredibly oversaturated with copies of cards from March of the Machine right now. Outside of See Double, nothing from this set is currently seeing reliable spikes.

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Apex Altisaur

apex altisaur

Apex Altisaur is a 10/10 that is, basically, a walking board wipe. The card enters and immediately fights something and will continue fighting things every time it is dealt damage. The Altisaur won’t fight your creatures, so, if it manages to wipe everything out, it won’t start cannibalizing your own stuff. This card can do some terrifying things if you somehow manage to give it Indestructible as it enters the battlefield, since, at that point, it will fight all of your opponent’s creatures to death.

Apex Altisaur does have some Legacy play, but this card is likely increasing due to Commander. Some new Dinosaur cards came in March of the Machine which may have put this card back on the map.

Regarding price, Apex Altisaur, like many of the other cards on this list, started seeing an increase from about $5 at the beginning of March. The card really started to pick up in price a few weeks ago, and is now approaching the $20 mark at rapid speed! Apex Altisaur also only has one printing from a Commander set, meaning the card does not have an accessible printing available. This will make a small amount of demand spike the price of the Altisaur severely since supply is limited.

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