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28, Sep, 21

MTG Lead Designer Confirms the Fate of the Reserved List

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Article at a Glance

One of the biggest topics of controversy in Magic: the Gathering is the Reserved List. This very special list of Magic cards has been the topic of many heated social debates and even legal disputes in the past and even to this day. It’s a pretty unanimous opinion of the community that the Wizards of the Coast should abolish the Reserved List. Well today, the Lead Designer for Magic, Mark Rosewater, confirms what’s happening to the reserved list.

History of the Reserved List

Gaea’s Cradle

The Reserved List was created back in the early days of the game, when some collectors protested that their collections were being devalued by Wizards reprinting cards in Fourth Edition and Chronicles. This was essentially a promise to players that the cards on the list would not be reprinted to preserve some of the collectability. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but more cards were eventually added to the list a few times over past years.

What’s Happening to the Reserved List?

Someone had asked MaRo on his Blog if there was anything that players could do to help change the minds of those who could abolish the Reserved List.

Mark Rosewater

As we can see, the community has been trying for a long time to get the reserved list removed, MaRo confirms that this is around to stay. He says that the community would be “mentally happier if we accept that it’s not going to change”.

What Does This Mean?

Wizards of the Coast

With the Reserved List not going away, we’ll see prices of important cards like the Power Nine, and original dual lands continue to increase in price, as people sell off their spare copies to investors who can pay a higher price tag. These investors will hold onto these cards, and thus decrease the supply of them on the open market. This impacts multiple formats like Legacy and Vintage, but Commander gets hit pretty hard by this as well.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that that Wizards should do away with the reserved list? Let us know in the comments!

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