12, Jul, 21

MTG Japanese Exclusive Promos Revealed for Forgotten Realms Release

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Exclusive Japanese promotional cards revealed for Adventure in the Forgotten Realms' upcoming release.
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One thing that provides MTG plenty of charm is the number of unique promotional cards that are exclusive to different regions. There is a lot of diversity and accommodation for all backgrounds, and it’s great to see.

With that, Wizards of the Coast Japan (WotC) revealed a couple of promotional cards on Twitter earlier today to support the tabletop release of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms which drops on July 23.

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Magic: The Gathering Japanese Promotional Cards Revealed

MTG Japanese Exclusive Promos Revealed for Forgotten Realms Release

With the release of Forgotten Realms on the horizon, WotC Japan is offering promotional cards for buying products from Wizard Play Network (WPN) stores. You can purchase set boosters, draft boosters, and collector booster boxes to obtain the “Onigiri” Orb of Dragonkind card. There are three versions of the card to collect which vary depending on the location of the Japanese WPN store.

Often you’ll see Japanese exclusive promotional cards to celebrate an upcoming release or an event. Such as the Planeswalker Championships (PWCS) which is a Japan-only program that encourages players to play in-store events. Recently, Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, Basri Ket, and Seasoned Hallowblade were part of the 2021 Championships. Extending further, the Lunar New Year Celebration provided a Sethron, Hurlon General promo for APAC regions upon Kaldheim‘s release.

For those who are outside of Japan, these promotional cards are tricky to acquire since they are printed in limited numbers. However, it doesn’t stop us from appreciating how lovely and adorable they look.

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