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MTG is Turning 30, and Wizards Is Partying It Up in a Big Way!

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The game that we all love, Magic: the Gathering is turning 30 years old! That’s a LONG time for a game to be alive and kicking! To celebrate, Wizards of the Coast is throwing a big party and we’ve got the details! If you can make it out, you definitely don’t want to miss this one! This Magic: the Gathering 30th Anniversary event is

Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Details

Wizards of the Coast

So here’s the Need to know information about the event:

  • When: October 28-30
  • Where: Las Vegas, NV
  • Venue: EXPO at World Market Center

Tickets for the even go on sale in July and there’s a variety of different ticket options you can get. There will be In Person as well as Virtual Tickets available, as well as different packages.

  • Virtual Ticket: Starting at $30
  • Single Day General Admission: $75
  • Weekend Passes, VIP, and Commander Specific Tickets: Pricing and Details TBA

Now as for what’s happening, there’s a LOT going on at this shindig.

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Magic: The Gathering 30th Anniversary Events

Wizards of the Coast

Now there’s going to be a bunch of big events that are happening during the weekend.

  • A Modern Tournament that feeds into a Top 8 BETA Draft.
  • The Command Zone Returns featuring Gavin Verhey, Jimmy Wong and Josh Lee Kwai
  • Unfinity Events hosted by Mark Rosewater
  • Cosplayers, including Olivia Gobert-Hicks and Taalia Vess
  • Parties on Friday and Saturday night
  • Magic World Championships XXVIII
  • An Exclusive Secret Lair Drop
  • Panels, Interviews and more
  • Mystery Booster Drafts

There’s a lot to unpack here. The big deal is the Modern event that feeds into a Top 8 Beta booster draft. This is a very rare opportunity to open some fresh Beta packs for those who make Top 8. Additionally Worlds will be happening during that weekend, which is going to be a stacked event.

Outside of that, the Command Zone returning is great, as there will surely be a bunch of commander games happening. Plus the Unfinity and Mystery Booster events are a going to be constantly on dock so there’s that.

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But Wait There’s MORE

Now if you can’t make it out to Vegas, there’s going to be FOUR more events happening throughout 2023. The first of which will be Charlotte, North Carolina in February. This will also be the location for the first Pro Tour event of 2023.

If you can make it out to these events, be sure to, because these Anniversary events are ALWAYS a banger of a time! For more full details around the event, check out the announcement post.

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