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MTG Giveaway Offers New Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Box!

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No matter why you’re excited about Murders at Karlov Manor, it’s hard to ignore the influence of Play Boosters becoming the new normal. The days of Draft and Set Boosters are finally over, as the new Play Booster combines the excitement of opening a Set Booster pack with the playability of a Draft Booster pack. This divide is something that many players have desired to change for quite some time, and Murders at Karlov Manor will be the first set where players will experience the new Play Booster.

While there are a lot of positives coming to the Play Booster change, there is one big negative: a price hike. Play Booster boxes are essentially Set Booster boxes with the full 36 packs, meaning that they’re quite expensive compared to old Draft and Set Booster boxes. Early Amazon prices for the Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Box are as high as $170! These packs are also being used for the Murders at Karlov Manor prereleases, hiking those prices up as well.

If that sounds a bit too expensive for you to buy, but you don’t want to miss out on Magic’s latest set, good news! We happen to be giving one away!

Play Booster Changes

For many, simply stating that a Play Booster combines the gameplay of a Draft Booster and the exciting experience of a Set Booster simply isn’t enough. Achieving both of these things isn’t an easy feat, so what exactly did Wizards of the Coast change about the Play Booster, and how is it going to impact the Limited and pack opening experience overall?

Well, for the first time in quite some time, Limited players can now open four rare cards in their Draft Boosters. While this is great for the pack opening experience, some players may be worried that the influx of rares may increase the luck factor for Murders at Karlov Manor Limited. Fortunately, opening four rares in one pack is rather unlikely, while opening four rares in each of your six Murders at Karlov Manor prerelease packs is absurdly unlikely. A 24-rare prerelease kit more likely to be an error box than a genuine 24-rare pool.

Either way, this indicates a massive fusion between Set and Draft boosters, and means that most Karlov Manor Booster boxes should have more than just 36 rares in them! You could theoretically have as many as 144 rares in your box, but chances are you have an error box on your hands if you actually get that many.

Another massive element from Set Boosters being added to the Play Booster is The List. This means that the exclusive List of reprints which didn’t affect past Limited play will now be directly interfering. This also means that Special Guest cards will be obtainable in your Murders at Karlov Manor Booster Box. If the inclusion of Mana Crypt in The Lost Caverns of Ixalan’s Special Guest lineup indicates anything, it means that there is some massive potential for these slots to have some amazing reprints in Murders at Karlov Manor. For now, Crashing Footfalls is the only Special Guest card that we currently know about.

The List has kicked up some fuss for Limited players, as MTG Arena will have its own unique List slot from the paper version of Murders at Karlov Manor. That means if you want the authentic Draft experience for the set, you need to Draft the set in paper. The absence of identical paper Drafts on MTG Arena is definitely a controversial one, and could push even more players to Draft in paper. If you really want to Draft Murders at Karlov Manor as it is meant to be online, Magic Online is always another option.

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Booster Fun

Booster Fun has always been a part of Draft and Set Boosters, but now Play Boosters will be implementing them at another level. Almost every slot in the Murders at Karlov Manor Play Boosters has a chance of having a Booster Fun variant!

In Murders at Karlov Manor, two new booster fun treatments have been revealed: the magnified treatment and the dossier treatment. The Dossier treatments are as pictured above, made to look like a case file on a suspect in a murder mystery. The magnified treatment, according to Wizards of the Coast, is meant to depict “a story spotlight moment from working on the case.”

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Otherwise, as of the writing of this article, a lot of Murders at Karlov Manor has yet to be spoiled. No need to worry, though! We’ll be sure to highlight the craziest new cards coming with this premier MTG set.

Thanks again for sticking with us through all of our ramblings, and best of luck!

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