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24, Feb, 23

MTG Breakout Archetypes Cause Massive 700% Price Spike!

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A lot has happened in the world of MTG this past week. We’ve had four sets announced, fourteen new preconstructed Commander decks, and even saw the return of the Pro Tour. That last note is arguably the most significant one, at least in the eyes of the secondary market. We’ve seen a few cards hit some massive spikes over the last week because of how well they performed at the return to the Pro Tour. Let’s take a look at what cards gained some financial momentum on the big stage. Spoiler alert: Indomitable Creativity performed very well.

Indomitable Creativity

indomitable creativity

Congratulations to Reid Duke for winning the Pro Tour with the Temur Creativity archetype! While this was done in Pioneer, Indomitable Creativity is also a powerful archetype in the Modern format. Decks that utilize this combo piece as a win condition typically do not have any creatures or artifacts in their main decks. They can then create tokens with various effects like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker and Dwarven Mine to use as targets for the Indomitable Creativity spell.

The combo in Modern is much stronger because the player only needs to hit one Creativity target to make an impact, but that is traded off in Pioneer for a combo that instantly ends the game. In Modern, the creature of choice is typically an Archon of Cruelty. What creature does the Pioneer combo use? Well, that card also gained a ton of value this week, so you’ll see that shortly.

Indomitable Creativity’s rise in price is absolutely ridiculous. Reid Duke’s win on the big stage immediately caused this card to double in price, hitting $30.86. Indomitable Creativity has held prices around this before, particularly due to a massive spike at the beginning of October. That said, the card had been decreasing in price over time since October until Duke’s win put it back on top.

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Worldspine Wurm

worldspine wurm

As mentioned previously, the Indomitable Creativity combo needs to successfully cheat in two creatures in order to win the game immediately. One of the two targets for the Creativity spell upon resolution is this gigantic Wurm from Return to Ravnica. Notably, Worldspine Wurm only has one printing, so if this card ever gets popular, you can expect its price to rise explosively.

The combo that this card is involved in is as such: use your Indomitable Creativity to destroy two target creature or artifacts you control. Following this, you reveal cards from the top of your library until you hit that many creature or artifact spells, which immediately enter the battlefield. One of the two cards you should be hitting is Worldspine Wurm. The other is Xenagos, God of Revels. These should be the only two cards that your Indomitable Creativity can actually flip in your entire deck.

Xenagos, God of Revels has an ability that allows a creature to gain Haste and stats equal to its power. This will turn your Worldspine Wurm into a 30/30 behemoth at the beginning of combat, allowing the creature to end the game immediately.

With all that explanation out of the way, Worldspine Wurm is also seeing a massive price increase, but it’s not quite as extreme as Indomitable Creativity. Worldspine Wurm has increased by about $5 in price over the past few weeks, which is about 50% of the card’s value. You can find copies of this card going for $40 or more, but the fair price seems to be around $15 for now, so don’t be fooled. Notably, Xenagos has not seen a significant price shift.

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Skrelv, Defector Mite

skrelv, defector mite

Skrelv, Defector Mite seemed to be an underrated card going into Pro Tour Phyrexia. The card was a big part of why Benton Madson piloted the surprise Bogles deck to a second-place finish. Referred to as many as a sort of ‘Mother of Runes at home,’ Skrelv offers other target creatures an offensive form of protection from a specific color. This materializes as a Hexproof from that color and an inability to be blocked by creatures of that color. This means the card can still take damage from creatures of that color, making your ‘protected’ creature a much worse defensive option. As a small additional upside, Skrelv also gives Toxic One to its targeted creatures.

Since its appearance at the Pro Tour, Skrelv has doubled in price. The card was only worth about $4 on the 11th of February, but Skrelv has since soared to about $10, according to recent sales. Skrelv is also seeing experimentation in lists outside of the enchantress list in other formats. Some examples of these lists are Hammertime in Modern and Esper Legends in Standard. As such, there are smaller draws that could be pushing this card in price, but Pioneer is likely the biggest driver here.

Organic Extinction

organic extinction

Organic Extinction seems to be the breakout card this week, seeing a massive 700% increase from just 75 cents to $6. Unlike the other cards mentioned in this article so far, this is not being driven by a competitive format. Organic Extinction price increase is mainly due to the increase in Commander play the card has been seeing alongside a new card from Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch is perhaps the hottest new Commander card to come out of MTG’s recent core set. This card has already caused massive market shifts to Myr support on its own, so it’s not shocking that the card is continually influencing the secondary market in such an impactful way. Basically, Organic Extinction, more often than not, will function as a one-sided board wipe when used with the Myr Commander.

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