25, Aug, 21

MTG Arena Updates Bring New Events and More

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Magic Arena just went through it’s massive back end update yesterday that caused the game to go down for nearly the entire day. Today, Wizards released their MTG Arena Announcement article with some updates for the next month of Arena.

Known Issues

With any massive deployment, there’s bound to be various issues, and this deployment is no different. There are a list of known issues by the team, but here’s a few of them

  • Players are receiving Bronze-tier ranked rewards even with no matches played.
  • Players who did not log in at all in the last season may encounter a blank ranked rewards screen. (Note: the proper rewards are still received; they just aren’t displayed properly.)
  • Direct Challenge matches are sometimes not connecting properly.
  • All invalid decks are displaying the red warning triangle rather than showing the count of invalid cards or the need to craft cards.
  • Deck favorite settings have been lost.
  • Historic Brawl games have a starting life total of 20 instead of 25.
  • Quests and win bonuses are not resetting at the expected times.

If you’re experiencing issues with Arena still, make sure to contact support.

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons

Wizards of the Coast

Jumpstart: Historic Horizons releases tomorrow! The event will run from August 26th – October 14th, which gives you plenty of time to get into the event and get some of the cards from there. The cost for the event is 2000 Gold, or 400 Gems, and for each run, your first 2 wins will net you an Individual Card Reward Rare or mythic from the set. We will be streaming this all day tomorrow on the Gfinity Twitch Channel, from Noon CST to about 4 PM CST, and then on the MTGRocks Facebook Page and Twitch Channel from 4 PM CST to 8 PM CST. Be sure to swing by and check out the event, as well as constructed Historic play as well!

Historic Brawl Queue

Wizards of the Coast

The Historic Brawl queues are now in the game! The long awaited permanent queue for the fan favorite format is now available. This is 100 Card Historic Brawl, almost akin to Commander. We have some tips and tricks for you if you’re just getting into the format, and some deck lists to try out! These don’t have any Historic Horizons cards in it, but we’ll be publishing some more lists with the set over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

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Wizards of the Coast

There are a couple events happening as well to note. The Current Mid-Week Magic event is Standard 2022. It’s running from the 24th – 26th, so you have a couple days to play. If you don’t have a legal standard 2022 deck, 10 preconstructed decks were added to everyone’s accounts so you can try one of those out. The next Arena Open is going to be Historic. The dates for it will be September 11th for Day 1 and the 12th for Day 2. The Arena Open is your chance to compete for cash prizes in a 2 day competitive style event.

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Definitely some great stuff coming up for Arena over the next few months! Go check out the Announcement for more information, and definitely stop by our stream tomorrow, either on Gfinity or MTGRocks as we battle through Historic Horizons limited and constructed!

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