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15, Nov, 23

MTG Arena Best Alchemy Decks

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Article at a Glance

Since first launching in 2022, Alchemy has had somewhat of a troubled existence, to say the least. Initially with criticisms and complaints, this newfangled format had a difficult time gaining traction. Thankfully, since its troubled start, Alchemy has come a long way, evolving into its own, genuinely interesting format. 

For better or worse, this major evolution followed the recent change to rotation, or lack thereof in Alchemy’s case. Finally diverging from Standard, Alchemy has gone on to become its own format with an interesting and diverse metagame. Even without the once-promised rebalancing keeping things fresh, Alchemy is still very much worth playing.

With this in mind, you might want to check out Alchemy yourself, to see what all the fuss is about. If this is the case, whether you’re new to MTG or a veteran player, you’ll need something first; a deck. To help you with exactly that, today we’ll be covering the best decks in the Alchemy format right now!

Keep in mind, however, that while these decks are the best at the moment, Alchemy is prone to major changes. Between new sets, dedicated Alchemy cards, and the occasional rebalance, Alchemy is almost always in a state of flux. As a result of this, you can expect to see entries on this list changing regularly.

Now, with that caveat out of the way, let’s dive right into the list properly! Here are the best decks you can play in Alchemy right now!

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5 | Jodah Legends

Jodah, the Unifier

To aptly kick off our list of the best Alchemy decks, in position five, we have a Five-Color Legends deck. Named after its build-around card, Jodah, the Unifier, this unique deck features incredibly few non-creature spells. While the below list contains two copies of Tear Asunder, it’s not rare to see this deck only run creatures. 

Speaking of creatures, almost every one of them in the deck is Legendary, aside from a quartet of Delighted Halflings. One of the two cornerstone cards in the deck, this Tales of Middle-earth card essentially makes your entire deck uncounterable. This obviously helps a ton in getting multiple synergistic creatures onto the field, allowing you to snowball into a win.

To secure the aforementioned win, Jodah, the Unifier is the strongest card in this deck’s arsenal. Capable of delivering an immense +12/+12 to your board in ideal conditions, Jodah is obviously incredibly powerful. Beyond this game-ending effect, however, they also essentially have Cascade for Legendary creatures.

Admittedly, Jodah Legends isn’t the strongest deck in the Alchemy metagame right now, partly due to its novel construction. Despite this, however, the deck is still a ton of fun, with plenty of spicy Lord of the Rings cards to enjoy. 

4 | Sultai Midrange

Rusko, Clockmaker

Despite following a different rotation schedule now, for better or worse, Alchemy still follows some of Standard’s trends. Specifically, the current overabundance of Midrange decks can make the format feel rather soupy. Without a compelling Mono-Red deck to speed things up, medium-cost value engines are undoubtedly the name of the game. 

For better or worse, this slow pace allows many of Alchemy’s most interesting Conjure cards to dominate the format. Within Sultai Midrange, those Conjure cards are the somewhat iconic Oracle of the Alpha and Rusko, Clockmaker. Both generating incredible value, especially when played repeatedly, these cards are definitely the stars of the show.

Within the supporting case, Sultai Midrange also uses the fairly effective tutor Assemble the Team. Allowing for consistency in finding Atraxa, Grand Unifier, alongside other threats, this deck has it all. Between ramp from Delighted Halfling, value engines, massive threats, and removal like Go for the Throat, Sultai Midrange just works!

3 | Esper Mice

Three Blind Mice

Following the release of Wilds of Eldraine’s Alchemy cards, a combo utilizing Three Blind Mice exploded onto the scene. Facilitated by Dedicated Dollmaker this two-card combo was, initially, just a massive meme. Soon after it emerged, however, it was realized this combo actually has a lot of potential in the Alchemy meta.

To activate this rather interesting, somewhat slow, infinitely recurring combo, all you need to do is target Three Blind Mice with Dedicated Dollmaker. Doing this creates a token copy of the Saga, which can then be copied during the saga’s second and third chapters. To loop this combo, all you need to do is keep targeting the new token copies of Three Blind Mice as often as possible.

While, admittedly, it can be rather slow, this combo creates an insane number of 1/1 Mouse Tokens. Each of these can later be buffed by the Saga’s fourth ability, which can lead to them becoming incredible threats. Unfortunately, however, you will need quite a few turns in order to get this combo ball rolling into a game-winning state.

Thankfully, to allow this combo to happen, the rest of the Esper Mice deck is rather controlling. Utilizing multiple copies of Sunfall, Porcine Portent, and Go for the Throat this deck manages to hold its own rather effectively. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, having a board completely full of mice is absolutely adorable!

2 | Jund Midrange

Questing Druid | Wilds of Eldraine
Questing Druid | Wilds of Eldraine

If you’ve been playing MTG for long, you’ll likely have heard the phrase “Jund Em Out” once or twice before. If you’re a fan of this phrase, Alchemy’s Jund Midrange deck is for you. Utilizing some of the best bits from Standard, Alchemy, and even Modern, this deck is just a well-rounded beat-down machine.

Kicking off the low end, Jund Midrange decks typically utilize Delighted Halfling to get the ball rolling. Following up on this, Wilds of Eldraine’s Mosswood Dreadknight and Questing Druid offer oodles of value. Reaching the deck’s top end, we have the ever-reliable Sheoldred, the Apocalypse and Thrun, Breaker of Silence to dish out damage.

Alongside the usual smattering of creatures we’ve all seen before, Jund Midrange does have some interesting quirks. It is one of few decks within Alchemy, for instance, to run a fair few Planeswalkers. Specifically, Jund Midrange enjoys Wrenn and Realmbreaker and Chandra, Hope’s Beacon. For added utility, Jund Midrange also has a single A-Haywire Mite to shut down opposing decks.

1 | Orzhov Pigrange

Porcine Portent | Alchemy: Wilds of Eldraine

Alongside having plenty of interesting, novel, and competitive MTG decks, Alchemy also has some of the best deck names around. Originally conceived as Mardu Pigrange by MTG streamer Crokeyz, this deck has since evolved significantly. Streamlined and focused more on the combo, Orzhov Pigrange has remarkably become the strongest deck in the Alchemy format!

As the name suggests, Orzhov Pigrange is built around one of the new pig-themed MTG cards from Wilds of Eldraine. Providing removal, a Spellbook Conjure effect, and buffs to your pigs, Porcine Portent is definitely powerful. While this card is already great on its own, it’s much better when played 12 times!

To facilitate this porcine army, Mardu Pigrange runs both Reprieve and Dedicated Dollmaker. Both allowing you to repeat the effects of Porcine Portent, these cards can create quite an army. Alongside plenty of Orzhov staples, this creates a surprisingly deadly Alchemy deck. 

To give some mention to those Mardu staples, of course, they include Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. Found alongside the surprisingly potent Juggernaut Peddler , this deck is both consistent and oppressive. As if that wasn’t enough, Raddic, Tal Zealot offers an alternative Knight-themed win condition.

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