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MTG Announces New Cards, Challenger Decks, New Products and More

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It’s Monthly Announcement Day over on the WeeklyMTG Stream on the Magic Twitch Channel! Today was a bit of a different day, as it was a small announcement day. There wasn’t a ton announced today, but there was some cool new things announced.

Love Your Local Game Store

Wizards of the Coast

First up, we have the return of the “Love Your Local Game Store” promotion. In the month of July, if you head to your local WPN store, and spend $50 on sealed Magic: The Gathering product, you’ll get this awesome retro frame Sol Ring. This promotion starts on July 1, so check with your LGS to see if they are participating in this promotion!

Secret Lair: Astrology Lands Series – Cancer

Wizards of the Coast

The next new product coming up is a Secret Lair. This is the next iteration on the Astrology Lands Series, with this offering being Cancer. With this, you’ll get a set of matching planes with the Cancer crab as the artwork. There’s different bundles you can purchase, so check out the Secret Lair website on July 5th to order if you’re interested.

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Game Night: Free-For-All

Wizards of the Coast

Next up, we have another return, this time it’s the Game Night product. This is a multiplayer closed box set that contains 5 preconstructed 60 card decks. These decks were built and balanced to be played against each other. This is mostly a reprint product, but there are 5 new cards in this product.

Wizards of the Coast

These new cards will be “Eternal Legal”, which means they’ll be legal in Commander, Legacy and Vintage. This product is a great way to teach friends how to play magic, since all of the decks are balanced and they don’t have to buy anything to get playing. This product releases on October 14th!

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Pioneer Challenge Decks 2022

Wizards of the Coast

The last new product that was announced is the 2022 Pioneer Challenger decks. These are 60 card constructed decks (plus 15 card sideboard) that are derived from the Pioneer Metagame. These are meant to be fairly competitive decks, such that you could play this right out of the box in a local Friday Night Magic and have a good time.

The four decks that we have here are “Pioneer Dimir Control”, “Orzhov Humans”, “Izzet Phoenix” and “Pioneer Gruul Stompy”. We don’t have the exact deck lists for these just yet, as they’ll be previewed closer to when this product launches on October 14th as well.

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That’s it! We did ask if there was any information about Historic Anthology 6 coming soon, and Blake wasn’t able to comment on that, so we should hopefully see that in the coming weeks. While this announcement didn’t have much, we did get told that next month’s Announcement Day will be a MAJOR one, one of the biggest yet. That will be happening July 21st, so stay tuned for that!

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