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19, Dec, 22

MTG 2023 Set Revolutionizes Booster Packs! 5-6 Cards Only!?

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When discovering new things about upcoming Magic: the Gathering sets, Amazon tends to be a huge source of spoilers. Whether it’s the new card that may have been accidentally spoiled this morning or the incredible spoiler discussed in the title, a lot seems to be happening in the world of MTG. Up to this point, the MTG community is used to having individually sealed packs of cards that have about 15 cards in them. The standard Draft pack tends to have about One Rare, Three Uncommons, and 10-11 Common cards, with a chance of opening a foil. Numbers and cards featured change between pack types (Draft, Collector, Set, etc.), but some number of Commons, Uncommons, and Rare cards have traditionally been featured. With the release of March of the Machine: The Aftermath, that will all change. It looks like this will be the first miniset that MTG has ever seen.

Aftermath Packs

Amazon released a lineup of products to be introduced in March of the Machine: Aftermath. This bizarre set, at this point, features two pack types: Collector Boosters and Aftermath Boosters.

Pictured above are the details for the March of the Machines: The Aftermath Collector Booster Box as they appear on Amazon. For $240.75, you receive 12 Collector Boosters, which seems normal with other Collector Booster releases. Strangely, these Booster Packs only contain six Magic: the Gathering cards and one foil token. Four of the cards included will feature a Rare or higher rarity.

The last line speaks to the speculations of the MTG community after they reacted to a highly cryptic response from Mark Rosewater when talking about March of the Aftermath. Many expect the Multiverse to fall apart, likely with the use of the Realmbreaker. The last line suggests that the Multiverse does collapse in some way, shape, or form.

Epilogue Packs

Pictured above is the March of the Machine: The Aftermath Epilogue Booster Box, as seen on Amazon. For $119.57, you can access “24 lore-packed Epilogue Boosters to witness the conclusion of the March of the Machine storyline.” These Epilogue Boosters contain five cards each. one to three of those cards will have a rarity of Rare or higher, while the other two to four cards will be Uncommon. There is a guaranteed foil and Showcase card in these Epilogue packs.

Interestingly, only 120 cards total will be offered in these Booster Boxes. This means that for each dollar we spend on this product, we can expect to get one card on average.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath also features a bundle. This bundle contains everything we are used to in a deal like this. For $45, according to Amazon, you can expect the following:

  • Eight March Of The Machine: The Aftermath Epilogue Boosters
  • One Traditional Foil Promo Card
  • 40 Basic Land Cards (20 foil and 20 non-foil)
  • Spindown Life Counter and a Storage Box

The only bizarre thing here is, once again, that the Epilogue Boosters only contain five cards.

We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before

When looking at a set like this, my first impression is that March Of The Machine: The Aftermath is not meant to be a draftable set. There aren’t any ‘Draft’ boosters, only Collector Boosters and Epilogue Boosters. This is slanted to be a Standard-legal set release, making things even more bizarre. Since we’ve never seen anything like this before, it’s hard to know how this ‘miniset’ will go over with the community.

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