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Top 10 Most Expensive MTG Wilds of Eldraine Cards!

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The most expensive MTG cards from Wilds of Eldraine run the gamut of colors and playstyle. The set does a good job of offering powerful new bombs and Enchanting Tales reprints, and has plenty to entice players into cracking packs. When doing that, unless you’re bizarrely hunting for singles, you should always be on the lookout for potential financial hits.

For that reason, we’ve put together a list of the current most expensive singles from Wilds of Eldraine’s main set. Prices will be generally drawn from TCGplayer market averages and we will be referring to the prices of the base version of each card featured. Now, without any further ado, are the top ten most expensive MTG cards in Wilds of Eldraine!

Honorable Mention | Up the Beanstalk

Up the Beanstalk

Price: $2.66

Up the Beanstalk may only be an uncommon card, however, they’re nonetheless worthy of their spot on this list. Already seeing play in Standard, Modern, and Commander, Up the Beanstalk offers tremendous value. At their worst, they’re card draw in green for two mana. At their best, however, they could keep drawing you cards while you play massive threats turn after turn!

With potential value like that, it’s no surprise at all that this card is in demand. What is a surprise, however, is that supply hasn’t been able to keep up with said demand quite yet! Since Up the Beanstalk is an uncommon, copies should be floating about everywhere! Evidently, however, they’re scarce enough to drive up the value for the time being.

Fast forward a month later, and Up the Beanstalk is one of the best things to be doing in the Modern format. Proven to draw a ludicrous amount of cards off of free and cost reduced spells like Solitude and Leyline Binding, Up the Beanstalk is here to stay.

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10 | Blossoming Tortoise

Price: $5.43

Despite Blossoming Tortoise once being 4th on this list, it hasn’t actually lost a ton of value. Many suspected Blossoming Tortoise to be an absolute menace in Mono Green Devotion. Capable of ramping opponents, getting Storm the Festival into your graveyard, buffing your manlands and enabling cost reductions on Nykthos, Blossoming Tortoise seemed like an intriguing upgrade to one of the best decks in Pioneer.

Despite this, Blossoming Tortoise hasn’t kept its secondary market value, but it’s not really the turtle’s fault. Mono Green Devotion is not in a great spot in Pioneer at the moment, getting crushed by Izzet Phoenix. Since Mono Green Devotion is getting less popular, so is Blossoming Tortoise.

8 | Talion, the Kindly Lord

Talion, the Kindly Lord

Price: $5.57

Against a very specific type of opponent, Talion, the Kindly Lord has the potential to absolutely hose a deck. Unfortunately, however, the chances that happen are incredibly unlikely. After all, when was the last time that you saw a deck that only used one mana, power, or toughness value? I should hope never, as it’s not a good idea.

While Talion is likely never going to frustrate your opponent into conceding, they’re nevertheless still a threatening card. Capable of drawing cards and draining your opponent, Talion is an obvious rebuttal to Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. At four mana themselves, however, you’re likely better off just using a removal spell.

Despite the downsides of Talion, they’re still an interesting Commander option. Subsequently, it’s no surprise that there’s a decent amount of demand for them at the moment.

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8 | Virtue of Knowledge

Price: $5.64

Most of the interest in Virtue of Knowledge is going to come from the Commander community. Besides hosting a Panharmonicon ability, known and loved by a majority of the Commander community, Virtue of Knowledge’s biggest boon may actually be its Vantress Visions Adventure spell, which can function as mono-blue ramp, among other things.

We’ve discussed this card at large multiple times, if you want to read more about it, you can do so here.

At the moment, Virtue of Knowledge, in its cheapest form, retails for about $5.

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7 | Virtue of Strength

Price: $5.79

Virtue of Strength is a seven mana enchantment that, while powerful in the right deck, is not an auto-include in every green Commander deck. The card flourishes in mono-green decks since Virtue of Strength only cares about Basic Lands. This enchantment offers a replacement effect, allowing Basic Lands to tap for three times as much mana.

The awkward bit about this is Virtue of Strength’s mana value. By the time you can get this onto the battlefield, you may not need the extra mana that this could provide. Not only do you need a predominately Basic Land-focused deck to run this, you also need to have a use for all the excess mana after you have seven mana to even play the card in the first place.

Garenbrig Growth is a nice additive effect that makes this card a bit better, but it’s still not fantastic. Regardless, Virtue of Strength has actually increased in price over the past month, indicating that there is some level of demand for it.

6 | Eriette of the Charmed Apple

Price: $5.81

Eriette of the Charmed Apple has a rather unique ability: preventing opposing creatures from attacking you or your Planeswalkers as long as they are attached with an Aura you control. While most Aura cards are generally used to buff your own creatures, there are auras you want to attach to opposing ones. Pacifism and effects like it are really obvious ones in a Limited environment, but cards similar to Dead Weight and the various Impetus effects in Commander also come to mind.

Eriette is very interested in playing a drawn-out game since her end step trigger drains your opponents equal to the amount of Auras you control. This may not be the most popular strategy at a Commander table, but Eriette nevertheless has interested players. Eriette is slowly gaining some traction as time goes on, currently worth $5.81.

5 | Virtue of Loyalty

Price: $10.28

When Virtue of Loyalty was only seventh on this list, I believed the card’s potential is stronger than some of the cards above it, and I was right. Virtue of Loyalty was the second-most played card from Wilds of Eldraine at the 2023 World Championship.

Creating a 2/2 Knight with Ardenvale Fealty at instant speed isn’t too exciting, but allows Virtue of Loyalty to play on-curve better than most like this do.

Once you get this into play, Virtue of Loyalty is an absolute house in Limited. Able to give your creatures +1/+1 counters and untap them, this will give your board a massive advantage. Some Commander decks that want to go-wide and have a lot of activated abilities that involve tapping could also benefit from Virtue of Loyalty.

Since Virtue of Loyalty’s breakout performance in Standard, the card has almost doubled in price since the beginning of September.

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4 | Virtue of Persistence

Price: $14.38

Virtue of Persistence gained a lot of ground financially after being the most played Wilds of Eldraine card at the 2023 Standard MTG World Championships. It’s easy to see why. Virtue of Persistence is both a powerful removal option in the early game and a win condition that’s really difficult to outlast. The trade-off is that Virtue of Persistence likely takes forever to win a game on its own, but the versatility is very powerful.

3 | Moonshaker Cavalry

Price: $17.38

Magic’s new Craterhoof Behemoth is currently the second most expensive card in Wilds of Eldraine. Considered one of the best win conditions in Commander, any Craterhoof Behemoth lookalike is going to get some major interest from the Commander community.

Moonshaker Cavalry, at least in my opinion, isn’t quite as good as Craterhoof Behemoth, but offers white a fantastic way to close the game, as well as giving decks interested in running multiple Craterhoof Behemoth effects the chance to do so. Instead of giving Haste and Trample to your creatures, Moonshaker Cavalry gives them Flying. The absence of Haste makes this a bit more difficult to setup, but is just as devastating on a wide board.

2 | Beseech the Mirror

Beseech the Mirror | Wilds of Eldraine

Price: $29.82

Largely regarded as the overall best card from the entire set at release, many MTG players expected Beseech the Mirror to be seriously expensive. In fact, it seemed like it wasn’t a question this card would be the most expensive from Wilds of Eldraine. Miraculously, however, it hasn’t managed to keep this title now that Wilds of Eldraine has actually been released.

Thanks to the strength of Beseech the Mirror, we’ve already written about their strength and uses at length. If you want to read more about those, you can do so here.

Due to Beseech the Mirror’s potential to string together turn 1 death combos, as well as tutor and cast many format staples for free, this card had, by far, the most hype of Wilds of Eldraine’s contents. While Beseech the Mirror is still showing up in Modern brews and doing fine in Legacy, it did not end up doing much else.

1 | Agatha’s Soul Cauldron

Price: $43.18

Agatha’s Soul Cauldron is a complex card. Both competitive and Commander players have expressed interest in the potential of the Soul Cauldron, so there is a lot of interest surrounding this card, to say the least.

For competitive players, Agatha’s Soul Cauldron a strong inclusion in the Modern Yawgmoth archetype. Should the Soul Cauldron exile your Yawgmoth, your Undying creatures like Young Wolf will be able to do the Yawgmoth combo themselves without the namesake card. Of course, you still need two Undying creatures and some other payoff like Blood Artist to pull it off, but being able to recur Yawgmoth from your graveyard in the form of the Soul Cauldron is quite powerful.

Otherwise, the card does have powerful Commander potential. Being able to recur activated abilities of creatures from your graveyard while growing your board is the exact type of value that casual Commander thrives off of.

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