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More MTG Leaks Surface For Upcoming Commander Focused Set

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Last week, some cards for Magic’s upcoming set Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate were leaked over on TikTok. Well today, the assumed same leaker is back at it again with some more leaks and this time we get to see how one of the new mechanics works!


Before we get into this, I will throw this disclaimer up here: THESE HAVE NOT BEEN CONFIRMED BY WIZARDS OF THE COAST AND MAY NOT BE REAL.

Ok with that out of the way, lets get into it. There is an Imgur post that has screenshots of all the cards from WavyMizukage, and there’s a lot of them. I won’t post all of the images here, but definitely go check that out. But what we will detail is the card showing some reminder text about how one of the new mechanics works.

The mechanic that we’re looking at is Backgrounds. When we saw the last set of cards that mentioned backgrounds, we had no idea how these would work. Our initial thought was that these started outside of the game, maybe in the command zone. Well it appears that we were right. Backgrounds can be a second commander.

What this leaves us with is more questions. Since the background is a second commander, does that background have to match your first commander’s color identity, or does the background add a color to the deck like a partnered commander would? Also is the word choice of “Choose a Background” denote that we can have more than one of these in the command zone and we can pick from those, or is the wording more flavorful to D&D.

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If these leaks are real, then there are definitely some more sweet cards coming in Baldur’s Gate and I’m excited for it. what are your thoughts on the Background Mechanic? Let us know!

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