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21, Jun, 24

Streaming Superstar To Appear In Popular MTG Series!

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Since the advent of Arena, it has been easy to enjoy MTG as an isolated experience. Doing this, however, has you missing out on two-thirds of what makes Magic: The Gathering MTG. Not only does MTG Arena not have a “The” in the name, but it’s also lacking a “Gathering.” Admittedly, collecting cards is one form of gathering, but the community aspect is almost nonexistent.

The community of MTG is its lifeblood, and its key figures are the major organs that keep said blood pumping. For those who immerse themselves in the Magic community, today brought some very exciting news. Moistcrit1kal, a fairly new MTG player and one of the biggest names on Twitch, will be appearing in an episode of Shuffle Up and Play.

What Is This, A Crossover Episode?!

Image Credit: Tolarian Community College on Twitter.

That’s a lot of jargon, so let’s take things back to basics for a second. Shuffle Up and Play is a long-running MTG video series on YouTube. It’s hosted by Tolarian Community College, a true pillar of the Magic community and the biggest Magic-focused channel on YouTube. In fact, the channel just surpassed one million subscribers a few days ago.

The premise behind Shuffle Up and Play is simple. In each episode the Professor and a few others, typically fellow MTG community figures, sit down, shuffle up their decks, and play games of Magic. The format played varies, but Commander is a firm favorite. The gameplay captured in each is compelling, but really it’s the fun banter and top-tier editing that make the series tick. These videos began back in 2022, and new episodes have been added regularly ever since.

For the show’s upcoming third season, Tolarian Community College is switching to a crowdfunding model. In a recent video, he announced a Kickstarter for season three of Shuffle Up and Play, which has already raised nearly triple its initial goal. Apparently, these extra funds have allowed for some prestige guests, as The Professor has just teased a Shuffle Up and Play episode featuring Moiscrit1kal in a Twitter post.

Moistcrit1kal And Magic

Image Credit: moistcrit1kal on Twitch.

Those out of the loop may be thrown for one by this announcement. Who exactly is Moistcrit1kal, and what does he have to do with Magic? Moistcrit1kal is the Twitch alias of Charles Christopher White Jr. He also goes by penguinz0, in some contexts. He’s been creating content on YouTube and Twitch since 2006, generally in the commentary/reaction video category. Over that time he’s amassed a huge fanbase, with over 15 million subscribers on YouTube and over 5 million followers on Twitch.

So Moistcrit1kal is a big online personality, then, that much is clear. What’s less clear is his connection to Magic. That’s a bit of a recent phenomenon. Moistcrit1kal has recently started creating MTG content, largely focused on opening expensive products live on stream. A few weeks back he posted a video titled ‘Most Expensive Video I’ve Ever Made,’ in which he and PayMoneyWubby, another streamer and avid Magic fan, opened an Alpha Starter deck. In case you’re unaware, this product typically sells for upwards of $150,000. He also streamed the opening of some Modern Horizons 3 product and managed to land a serialized Kozilek.

In addition to this, he’s been dabbling in the Commander format. Gameplay videos of Moiscrit1kal playing Commander have popped up on the Skill Check gaming channel, alongside some Modern Horizons 3 Draft gameplay. He’s getting into the game, then, and in a big way. In another video, titled ‘My New Obsession Is Out Of Control,’ he discusses his new love for Magic. Apparently, he’s been “building Commander decks out the wazoo.” No prizes for guessing which format Moistcrit1kal will be playing come his Shuffle Up and Play appearance, then.

The People Weigh In


Regardless of your views on Moistcrit1kal and his content, this is a big deal for Shuffle Up and Play. The show has seen some big names over the years, but usually, these are figures known only within the MTG community. Moistcrit1kal is a personality who transcends Magic, with a huge influence and following in a number of circles.

Naturally, this has a lot of fans very excited indeed. In the r/magicTCG thread discussing the announcement, there’s been a lot of hype building for the upcoming episode. “Oh yeah baby, I’m so ready,” said Cbone06, a sentiment echoed with over 90 upvotes. Midnight-rogue saw the writing on the wall for this collaboration a while back: “I was hoping this would happen when I saw Moist get super addicted to Magic.” 21-hydroxylase summed things up with “What a crossover! Let’s go!!”

Of course, not all reactions to this news have been positive. Some MTG players, such as Ellieboooo are concerned about the impact that Moistcrit1kal’s immense community may have upon MTG. It’s a lot of extra eyes on the game, after all, and large internet communities aren’t exactly known for gelling well.

That being said, the vast majority of MTG fans appear to be enthusiastic about this streaming titan making their Shuffle Up and Play debut. Whatever your stance, this crossover is set to be a major event for Magic as a whole. There’s been no date announced just yet, so keep your eyes here for more news as and when it arrives!

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