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Modern Horizons 2 Details Surface

Details about the Modern-focused set dropped by Wizards of the Coast today.
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Details of Modern Horizons 2 dropped today via the WPN Wizards of the Coast website.

Modern Horizons 2 is the next supplemental set that focuses on introducing reprints and new cards into the Modern format. Modern Horizons 1 came out in April 2019 which caused quite the stir with Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis dominating the format until it’s banning back in August 2019.

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Modern Horizons 2 Details Revealed

Despite these criticisms, the set proved to be popular and we’ll see Modern Horizons 2 drop on June 11th.

What makes this offering different to the previous supplemental sets is that Set Boosters and Collector Booster will be available for Modern Horizons 2. As a result, Modern Horizons 2 will be the first supplemental set to receive such treatment which could be a regular occurrence for future sets.

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Going further, Modern Horizons 2 will also have its own pre-release from June 4th, a week before the official release. Like with Time Spiral Remastered, you can play Modern Horizons 2 pre-release remotely via SpellTable if you want to remain safe with the ongoing pandemic.

One tidbit we do know about Modern Horizons 2 is that the enemy fetch lands will be featured at rare. This is a different approach from Modern Horizons 1 as this does include a couple of already Modern legal reprints. Either way, it’s exciting to see what comes from the set when the previews drop around May time.

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