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Modern Horizons 2 Cards Caught On Camera Inside Forgotten Realms Boosters

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It’s finally release weekend for Magic: the Gathering’s newest expansion, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms! We can now go to our Local Game Stores or big box stores and purchase sealed product from the new set, whether it’s to draft or just to crack some packs! But one reddit user, u/nauert, went to his LGS to pick up a draft booster box to draft with this friends and was met with a really crazy surprise!

At 1:20 in the video, Nauert finds Modern Horizons 2 uncommons in his Forgotten Realms packs. These are normal draft boosters, not set boosters, and it seems to be only in the uncommon slot that these cards are showing up. Now the group did end up drafting with these packs, but this lead to a really unpleasant experience as the MH2 cards pretty much dominated the format. They suspect that about half of the box was affected by this error, and the box they had was factory sealed and they made sure that the packs were not repacked or tampered with in any way.

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If you’re participating in drafts at your LGS this weekend, definitely ask the store owner if they are aware of this happening and ask if they are ok with the MH2 cards being in the draft. Technically, they should be allowed since they are in the pack, but your store owner may wish to replace the pack with a fresh one to keep the draft all Forgotten Realms.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is the newest Magic: the Gathering set that crosses over with Dungeons & Dragons. It released today July 23rd, 2021 in paper. You can check out our set gallery here.

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