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Mechtitan Core Is Going To Be A Blast

This card is an excellent example of just wonderful design and fun, all in one package.
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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty previews have been pretty absurd so far. We’ve seen plenty of incredibly cool cards so far in a variety of different styles that’ll all have Commander players licking their screens with excitement. Don’t lick your screen though, it probably needs cleaning.

One of the most exciting cards we’ve seen so far has to be the one that has you making your own giant mech Gurren Lagann style by fusing together a bunch of different artifact creatures into one all-powerful titan that’ll punch, kick, and hopefully drill, its way to victory.

You better grit your teeth…

Mechtitan Core is a two-mana 2/4 vehicle that you can crew for two. Honestly, even without anything else, that’s not a bad mix of stats at all, and it could see some play in artifact decks just because of that. However, that’s not all this card does. Instead, it allows you to take some cards out of play for a bit and turn them into a 10/10.

It reads, “Pay five mana: Exile Mechtitan Core and four other artifact creatures and/or Vehicles you control: Create Mechtitan, a legendary 10/10 Construct artifact creature token with flying, vigilance, trample, lifelink, and haste that’s all colors. When that token leaves the battlefield, return all cards exiled with Mechtitan Core except Mechtitan Core to the battlefield tapped under their owners’ control.”

Aside from the giant token, which is going to be especially good in a deck that can copy said token without issue, maybe one that also includes Mirror Box, the fact that everything comes back when the token leaves is a huge deal. While you’ll still lose the mana and the Mechtitan Core itself, the ability to have everything else come back could lead to some really cool plays if you’ve got some fun enter the battlefield triggers on those other cards, or if you’ve got a way to get rid of the token on purpose to gain some new blockers. It’s going to be great in a fair few decks, and we can’t wait.

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