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Massive Modern Horizons 3 Leak Reveals Blue Moon Effect!

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Article at a Glance

Spoiler season is undeniably one of the most exciting seasons for Magic: the Gathering players. Tons of cards hit the internet at record pace, allowing players to speculate away on what the breakout cards will be. We may not be in an official spoiler season right now, but it always appears to be leak season. A massive unofficial Modern Horizons 3 leak just hit the internet, and players are going wild.

Since this is an unofficial leak, there is always the chance that it’s going to be fake. While we will talk about it from this point assuming that its real, there is always a chance that its a cleverly concocted scheme. If you want to wait for the official reveal of these Modern Horizons 3 cards, then consider this your spoiler warning.

From face Commanders to downright frightening new additions to Modern, a lot was revealed in the latest leaks. Let’s take a look at what everyone is talking about.

Nonbasic Lands are Islands

This potential leak came out separately from the rest, which means there’s an even higher chance that it could be fake. That said, if this is real, Merfolk is getting an absolutely insane buff.

Harbinger of the Seas is a literal Blue Moon effect. Harbinger of the Seas gets all of the benefits from Merfolk Typal effects that are already in the archetype, and simultaneously turns on Islandwalk for your team while hosing a ton of different decks in the Modern metagame.

Harbinger of the Seas could easily cause a resurgence in the age-old Modern Merfolk archetype, which remains as a somewhat relevant threat to this day. The card is impressive enough that it could even see play outside of Merfolks. Any deck that can function under Harbinger’s restrictions, but doesn’t want to play red, may gravitate towards this card.

Face Commanders

All of the other leaks for Modern Horizons 3 hitting the internet today are from the Commander expansion releasing alongside the set. This can be identified by the blurry set symbols on the cards.

On that note, these spoilers are significantly more blurry than the Harbinger of the Seas one. While we’ve done our best to make out what these cards seem to say, we’re not 100% confident we have it right.

The card pictured above appears to be the face Commander for the five-color Eldrazi deck. The Fused(?) Atrocity appears to have hybrid mana that can be paid with either colorless mana or one mana of each color. The ability on this card is absolutely bonkers, at least at our blurry glance. Here’s what we think it says:


Whenever you cast an Eldrazi spell, you may pay two colorless mana. If you do, copy all spells you control, then copy all other activated and triggered abilities you control. You can choose new targets for the copies. (mana abilities can’t be copied)

This sounds absolutely absurd at first glance, but this ability is likely a bit more finicky than it reads. All of the things you need to copy need to be on the stack. Once cards hit the battlefield, they are no longer spells, but permanents. Same goes for activated and triggered abilities you control. You only control those on the stack. So, while this card does have an insane amount of potential, its application is not that straightforward.

Lhurgoyf Matters???

Does that really say Lhurgoyf? This bizarre card in Jund cares about appears to read as such:

Whenever a Lhurgoyf permanent card is put into your graveyard from anywhere other than the battlefield, put that card onto the battlefield.

Whenever one of more creatures you control deals combat damage to a player, create a Tarmogoyf token.

If that’s what this card reads, than it is bizarrely niche. Hopefully some Lhurgoyf support is released with the new Modern Horizons 3 Commander decks. Otherwise, this card may be relegated to a payoff for Changeling decks.

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Everything Counters

Heading the copy deck, Omo, Queen of Vesuva wants to make all of your cards just like everything else. They appear to do this by putting Everything counters on… everything. Here’s what Redditor Yawgmothlives suggests that it says:

“Omo, queen of vesuva (2 g/u)

Whenever Omo queen of vesuva enters the battlefield or attacks, you may put an everything counter on up to one target land and one target creature.

Each land with an everything counter on it is every basic land type in addition to its other types

Each creature with an everything counter on it is every creature type in addition to its other types.


This, once again, could be quite interesting for Changeling decks trying to receive Typal benefits from various archetypes. Your cards could have various versions of Landwalking effects as well, which could encourage to put Everything Counters on opposing lands, mixing things up a bit. This one is a bit of a headscratcher, but makes for a really interesting Commander deck.

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Forest Dryad Land Tokens

Another impossibly illegible card, Tyoti, Muag Ancient appears to create, basically, Dryad Arbors. Here’s what the Reddit translation suggests that it does:

“Jyoti, Moag Ancient 2GU Legendary Creature – Elemental When ~ ETBs, create a 1/1 green Forest Dryad land creature token for each time you’ve cast your commander from the command zone this game. At the beginning of each combat, land creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is its power.”

There are a lot of cards that turn your creatures into lands, and Jyoti is the place to where making land creatures is ‘doing the thing.’ This should cause some price spikes to cards like Sylvan Awakening and Awaken the Woods that are capable of explosive kills in this deck. This seems like an easy Commander to build around and abuse.

More Cards to See!

While we featured all of the more legible cards, there are a collection of other cards that are much more difficult to see. We recommend visiting the Reddit post itself if you want to take a look at those. The linked Redditor does offer a translation for each card, but there’s no confirmation that those translations are accurate, or that the cards are real.

Either way, the picture that this paints for Modern Horizons 3 is undeniably a strong one. The Blue Moon effect is particularly scary, and could mark the rise of Merfolk as a top tier force. That largely depends on where the metagame goes after Modern Horizons 3, and if Modern Horizons 2 taught us anything, the entire meta could be flipped on its head.

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