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Major T.V. Star Sells Signed MTG Cards!?

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Article at a Glance

If you haven’t been in the loop recently, MTG is now a billion-dollar brand. As the oldest card game in the TCG market continues to evolve in real-time, slowly becoming a larger and larger cultural phenomenon. We’re even seeing celebrities from other fields, with the most prominent example being Post Malone, coming into the fold. As the game slowly expands its influence, more popular individuals are throwing their names in the ring. The same seems to be true for T.V. star Danny Trejo, since you can now buy your own signed copy of Trusty Machete.

Danny Trejo’s Trusty Machete

trusty machete

Danny Trejo has appeared in dozens of movies over his acting career. One of those, and perhaps the one he is most famous for, is his role in the 2010 film Machete. In the spirit of his role in this film, Trejo’s Twitter account has announced a new promotion: if you buy a ‘Trejo Flag,’ you can also receive alongside it a signed copy of the MTG card Trusty Machete from THE Machete himself.

Trusty Machete as an MTG card isn’t really anything to write home about. This uncommon from Worldwake has been reprinted a few times and definitely belongs in the realm of draft chaff. The appeal to this commodity is purely that of getting a signed MTG card from another cultural phenomenon. Interestingly, this is not the first MTG-related promotion that Danny Trejo has done.

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Danny Trejo in MTG

Danny Trejo’s appearance in the MTG space may seem sudden, but he’s already been interacting with this fandom for quite some time. If you’ve ever wanted a signed Butcher’s Cleaver or a signed pack from Trejo, these exist too! While the tweet above shows off another signed promotion from the movie star that has since expired from January, his tweets commenting on the MTG fandom go for much longer.

This tweet shows Trejo commenting on Professor Onyx, a powerful Planeswalker released in the Strixhaven: School of Mages set from two years ago. Notably, this card, when combined with Chain of Smog, creates an infinite combo that will drain all of your opponent’s life.

When MTG Arena finally made the jump to mobile users, Danny Trevelo appeared in this ad to promote the app.

A few years before that, Trevelo starred in this hilarious skit promoting an MTG Arena Valentines Day event where you play Singleton (only one copy per card excluding Basic Lands allowed in your deck, like Commander) in conjunction with the couple’s holiday.

This demonstrates that Danny Trejo has been involved with the MTG community for quite some time. That said, Trejo’s recent offering involving the signed Trusty Machete has made its way to Reddit.

What Does the Community Think?

This has appeared on Reddit but has not received a huge amount of following. Thoughts of having the Trusty Machete as a speculation option financially were quickly shut down. Apparently, according to Redditor naynay_666, these “have been on his website for years.”

Either way, if you’re interested in getting some Trejo-related MTG swag or just want to add another name to the list of stars engaging with the MTG brand, Danny Trejo adds another name to a surprisingly long list.

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