25, Apr, 22

Major MTG Online Retailer Workers Unionize For Better Pay and More

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Article at a Glance

In Magic: the Gathering, there are many major online retailers in the secondary market. Often times, when we think about these retailers, we think of the name and logo, but rare do we think about the workers behind the scenes. Well, in a public letter on April 21st, workers of one of these retailers, Card Kingdom, announced their intent to unionize.

Card Kingdom, a Seattle based company, is one of the largest secondary market online retailers of Magic: the Gathering products.


The new group is called the Card Kingdom Unionzation group (CKU), and they’ve laid out quite a bit of of their issues and demands for of the company. These issues and demands have been laid out in both their open letter, as well as a change.com petition.


They lay out their issues of feeling kept out of the loop in company decisions despite an ESOP (Employee stock ownership plan) being in place, among other things. They’ve also detailed their demands for the exchange between the two entities. These include a better pay structure, employee benefits packages, developmental opportunities, transparency and real stakeholder benefits within the company.

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As reported by Wargamer, John Morris, One of the owners and founders of Card Kingdom expresses that they are always wanting to hear the voices and concerns of their employees and that they are eager to continue listening. Unionization is a complex situation for both parties, as there’s many laws to consider. Both parties don’t have much else other than this to offer until after they meet to discuss terms further.

If you’re interested in learning more, definitely check out CKU’s letter or their change.org petition.

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