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27, Jul, 22

Major Card Shop's Employees Unionize

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Article at a Glance

It’s been a hectic week for Cardkingdom employees looking to form a Union. Voting just passed on the matter, and the Unionization attempt was successful, with an overwhelming 111-16 vote between 127 votes!

The Story

On May 10, the Card Kingdom Organizing Committee expressed its intent to form a union to represent Card Kingdom employees. On July 26, the mail-in vote was confirmed, and Card Kingdom’s union was created! While they still have a long way to go before the union is truly settled, the work may elevate the entire TCG community.

As stated, the campaign behind this union’s creation stressed that Card Kingdom employees did not show any disdain towards their superiors. The issue was instead that work conditions were not ideal for long-term employment, according to some workers. Out of love for their jobs, Card Kingdom employees want to turn their work into something that can continue to sustain their future in a positive way!

What Does This Mean?

Regardless of the company, working in the TCG industry isn’t exactly known for excellent work benefits. This job is for the passionate who make card games like MTG into their lifestyle. There isn’t a lot in the way of rules or bottom lines for this specific line of work, regardless of there being enough employees to form a union in the first place. This unionization isn’t just incredible for Card Kingdom as a company but for the entire TCG community. As work conditions start to improve and quality of life rules are put into place for workers, Card Kingdom (and the TCG industry in general) can attract brighter minds that will elevate customers’ experience on every level. As seen above, MTG Youtuber sensation Tolarian Community College is thrilled to see this revolutionary event prove successful.

Common Issues

During the creation of their campaign, the Card Kingdom Union Twitter account listed some quotes from various workers and their concerns that led to the creation and early success of the Card Kingdom Union. This gives some vital insight into the quality of life issues that employers in the industry can address to maximize work efficiencies. The most common theme among these is that employees at Card Kingdom love what they do but are struggling to fit their employment with their needs for the future.

In addition to the issues listed above, these testimonials on the day of the mail-in vote gave more detailed reasons why workers at the Card Kingdom decided to unionize. As stated by Rachie, a common concern between Card Kingdom testimonials was that employees need to “work through the pain of repetitive strain injuries.” Hopefully, the union will be able to address ergonomic problems within the company and help alleviate these issues and improve workplace safety and quality.

Work conditions concerns continue with Card Kingdom grader Miles. Instead of worrying about the quality of work, Miles began worrying about “how hot our department is going to get.” Anyone who has worked in an office without air conditioning can relate to the struggle of a hot office in the summer months. As work conditions become more appropriate for workers, dangerous situations like the potential for heat stroke should become rarer.


The final issue is a rather important one. Trust must be established between employees and superiors for a company to flourish. To do this, communication needs to be appropriately utilized. Mark’s statement highlights this as an issue, and creating a voice for Card Kingdom workers should allow for communication errors to be solved.

Could This Create a New Status Quo?

The successful creation of a union for a company in the TCG business is exciting. As the union begins to take action, what effect will it have outside the company? This will be the first example of the significant issues that plague workers in the TCG industry. Hopefully, the union will also be able to provide solutions to these problems that can be used as examples by the rest of the industry.

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