Adventures in Forgotten Realms
12, Jul, 21

Magic: The Gathering Tokens For Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Revealed

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The first-ever Dungeons & Dragons-themed Magic: The Gathering set, Adventures of the Forgotten Realms, is scheduled to release for tabletop next week, and if you’re excited to venture into the dungeon, you may want to check out what all the tokens and emblems look like.

The main Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set and its associated Commander decks contain a combined 28 full-art tokens, four emblems, and three dungeons. In Draft and Set Boosters, you can find four emblems that the new planeswalkers can produce, and fifteen full-art tokens, three of which have a dungeon on one side. In Collector Boosters, you can find many of these tokens as double-sided tokens. The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Commander decks each come with ten double-sided tokens with a combined total of sixteen double-sided variations. Thirteen full-art tokens are unique to the Commander products.

Today, Wizards of the Coast has revealed all 28 full-art tokens for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and they include creature tokens depicting Vecna, faerie dragon, dog illusion, boo, and Drizzt’s companion, Guenhwyvar among others.

Forgotten Realms
Wizards of the Coast

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms tokens & emblems

Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast
Wizards of the Coast

Compared to other recent sets, the tokens in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms look simpler, and the artworks featured in them are not as impressive.


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What do you think about the tokens and emblems of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is set to release for tabletop worldwide on July 23, 2021. The new set is available to play now online via MTG Arena and Magic Online. The Adventures in the Forgotten Realms products are now available for preorder

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