23, Nov, 21

Magic: The Gathering Holiday Gift Buying Guide for 2021

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The 2021 Holiday Shopping Season are fast approaching! If you have a Magic: the Gathering player in your life, then you might be looking to pick up some Magic gifts for them soon. With the increase of products released by Wizards of the Coast over this past year, there’s a lot to choose from. Our guide will help you find the perfect gift for Magic players of all sorts!

Where to Buy Magic: the Gathering Products

There are plenty of places to buy Magic: the Gathering products. You can generally find sealed products in any major retail location such as Walmart or Target. Additionally, you can locate a game store in your area using the Wizards Store and Event Locator.

If you’re looking to order products online, you can use Amazon or TCGPlayer for major hub sites. There are also a bunch of various card game and Magic specific websites you can buy from, such as Star City Games, or Cool Stuff Inc.

Sealed Product

If you’re looking for something simple that comes in a box, there’s a few different options you can go with.

First up, we have Theme boosters. These are pretty cheap in price, but have a good amount of cards. There are theme boosters for some of the more recent sets. Each pack is themed around either a color or a creature type, so in this case, vampires.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, then consider a Bundle Pack. There are bundles for each set of Magic, and the one above is for the most recent set, Innistrad: Crimson Vow. These come with 8 booster packs, a bunch of land cards, a nice box to store all the cards, and a dice. These are great for players of all types.

Similar to the regular bundle, is the Holiday Gift bundle. These come with similar contents to the normal bundles, but also include a “Collector’s Booster” which contains some incredible foils and special art cards.

Commander Decks are another fantastic gift, as these are decks that are all ready to play right out of the box. These are the most recent commander decks that have been released, but there’s many different kinds of these decks out there. You can buy them individually, or sometimes you can find them as a bundle.

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If you’re not certain about which of these kinds of products to buy, a safe bet is going to be different accessories. Here’s a few recommendations.

Sleeves are generally a great shout. Players want to keep their valuable cards and decks protected. These 100 pack Ultra Pro Eclipse sleeves combo great with the commander decks we listed earlier since those are 100 cards.

Another great brand of sleeves are Dragon Shield. They sell packs of 100 sleeves, but they also have a sleeve customizer. For $25, you can put an image on a pack of Dragon Shield sleeves. This is for if you want to show a little extra love, or meme on your friends!

One of my favorite deck boxes is this one here, the Ultra Pro Tower box. This box can fit 100 sleeved cards, and has a dice compartment in the bottom. It’s a really high quality box and is great for anyone!

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These are all great holiday gifts that any Magic player will love! Even you don’t play the game yourself, they’ll be sure to love and have use for each of these great gifts! If you’re looking for additional places to buy product, check out the link above!

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