11, Aug, 21

Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Says The Best-Selling Set is One That Came Out This Year

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More Magic: The Gathering players may be playing digitally more than ever, but it looks like sales for the tabletop products continue to rake in a lot of money for Wizards of the Coast as it turns out that the best-selling set ever was released just this year, according to Magic head designer Mark Rosewater.

When asked what’s currently the best-selling set, Rosewater confirmed on his Blogatog that “it’s one of the sets that came out this year. My best guess is Modern Horizons 2“.

Is Modern Horizons 2 the best-selling Magic set ever?


Released in June 2021 for tabletop and Magic Online, the second-ever straight-to-Modern set was an instant hit. selling out in stores. Although Rosewater hasn’t fully confirmed that Modern Horizons 2 is currently the best-selling Magic set ever, there’s a good chance that it is because of its popularity and huge Modern player base despite not releasing on MTG Arena.

Of course, it’s also possible that the new Dungeons & Dragons crossover set Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will surpass the sales of Modern Horizons 2, and it’s likely that Wizards will reveal which sets sold well in the next financial report. The success of Modern Horizons 2 could signal the company to make Modern Horizons 3 in the near future.

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On a separate Blogatog post, Rosewater responded to a fan who asked if WotC has a way to measure product fatigue. “There are a lot of metrics we monitor – sanctioned play, digital play, sales, social media activity, etc,” Rosewater explained. “If we do something that results in less people playing Magic, buying Magic, or talking about Magic, we’ll know.”

The next Standard-legal Magic sets, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow, will be released this fall, but I doubt that they will surpass the sales of Modern Horizons 2.

Would you like to see a third Modern Horizons product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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