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Magic: The Gathering Designer Reveals The Future of Commander Preconstructed Decks

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The future of Commander preconstructed decks is now clear thanks to Gavin Verhey!

Magic: The Gathering senior designer Gavin Verhey has revealed some interesting details about the future of Commander preconstructed decks.

In the latest episode of Good Morning Magic!, Verhey explains why they are replacing the two Planeswalker Decks that usually come with each new set with two brand new Commander preconstructed decks. Commander decks have the teaching upside but unlike Planeswalker decks, there’s a strong community that you can join for them, so moving forward, expect to see brand new Commander preconstructed decks in each Standard-legal set.

Watch the new episode of Good Morning Magic! here:

Good Morning Magic! – YouTube

In the video, Verhey also reminds us that there’s a total of four new Commander preconstructed decks coming with the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, and although Wizards of the Coast hasn’t revealed the contents and themes for these decks, their names have already been revealed. There will be 17 brand new cards per deck.

Verhey also revealed that the other two Standard-legal sets coming this year, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow will each have two Commander preconstructed decks but didn’t reveal the names and contents of these products. However, he confirmed that there are 15 brand new cards in each of these decks, teasing that there’s a reason why.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be released on July 23, 2021; Innistrad: Midnight Hunt will be released on September 17; Innistrad: Crimson Vow is scheduled to release on November 19.

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