3, Jun, 21

Magic Legends System Changes Brings Quality of Life Improvements

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A new patch for Action RPG Magic Legends has been released today, bringing some fixes to a mission, the battle pass and client, as well as a systems change rework that should be a welcome change to players. The fixes are straight forward, but we will break down the systems change and what that means for players.

Weekly Caps Renamed to Weekly Bonus


The aforementioned systems change reworks how much of various currencies are acquired. Prior to today’s patch, players would be limited to the amount of Planar Mana, Chromatic Mana, and Eternal Echoes that they could obtain in a weeks time. Planar Mana and Chromatic Mana are used in your Personal Realm to upgrade things such as Structures, new spells, equipment and artifacts. Think of the Personal Realm as like a hideout of sorts, where you gain access to various workstations to upgrade different aspects of your character. Eternal Echoes are used to upgrade spells past Level 6, and can be obtained from higher difficulty content.


  • General:
    • Renamed Weekly Caps to Weekly bonus
      • Planar Mana no longer has a weekly cap. It now has a weekly earn bonus of 15,000. Once the earn bonus is maxed, Planar Mana can still be earned at reduced rates. Planar Mana Wisps and Region Reputation are not modified by the bonus, and have not had their rates changed.
      • Chromatic Mana no longer has a weekly cap for Expert and Master difficulties. It now has a weekly earn bonus of 1000 on Expert, and 500 on Master. Once the bonus is maxed, Chromatic Mana can still be earned at reduced rates from those diffficulty modes.
      • Eternal Echoes no longer have a weekly cap for Expert and Master difficulties. They now have a weekly earn bonus of 500 on Expert, and 250 on Master. Once the bonus is maxed, Eternal Echoes can still be earned at reduced rates from those difficulty modes.

With today’s patch, the limitations are being removed, in favor of a weekly bonus amount of currency that players can get. Players will now earn a weekly bonus of 15,000 for Planar Mana, Chromatic Mana’s bonus is 1000 for Expert, and 500 for Master difficulties, and Eternal Echoes are set to 500 for Expert, and 250 for Master difficulties. After those bonuses are reached, All 3 of these currencies can still be farmed, but at reduced rates. What does this mean for the players? With this changes, players are no longer time gated on their character progression. This is a fantastic change as Magic Legends allows players to utilize multiple colors of spells, so having the ability to level a newer spell more efficiently generally is a welcome change and opens up player choice and diversity.

If you play Magic Legends, are you in favor of these changes? What kinds of new things are you looking to do with a removed currency cap and open upgrade system?

You can read the rest of the patch notes here as well as download Magic Legends for free from the same site, as well as the Epic Games Store. Magic Legends is an Action RPG developed by Cryptic Studios as an official Wizards of the Coast Licensed Product. It’s currently in Open Beta on PC, and will be coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

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