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29, Jun, 23

LotR MTG Commander Decks Are Being Review Bombed Online

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Article at a Glance

Since it was first teased, The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth has been one of the most anticipated MTG releases ever. This is partly thanks to the one-of-one The One Ring card, which has routinely dominated headlines. Alongside this ultra-rare collectible, Tales of Middle-earth has myriad awesome cards and products for players to enjoy.

After the set officially launched on the 23rd of June, many MTG players have been doing just that. Drafting, brewing, and buying products en masse, Tales of Middle-earth’s release all seemed to be going smoothly. Outside of a few misprints and miscuts at least. Unfortunately, however, while misprints may be somewhat expected for an MTG set, the emerging troubles haven’t stopped there.

According to numerous MTG players across social media, entire Tales of Middle-earth products are going missing without explanation. 

Commander Calamity

Calamity Bearer | Kaldheim
Calamity Bearer | Kaldheim

Alongside the suite of Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters, like most MTG releases, Tales of Middle-earth also has Commander decks. Each carefully constructed and ready to play, these four decks offer a fantastic time for players new and old. Although, admittedly one of the decks is a lot worse than all of the others

Despite the somewhat mismatched power level, Commander products are nonetheless incredibly popular among fans. So much so, in fact, that a lot of players don’t want to just buy one of them. Instead, many MTG players make use of bundle deals, which include all four Commander decks in one concise package

Typically, this bundle of decks isn’t too much to write home about. Sometimes offers a small saving, usually the price matches the cost of the decks inside. As a result of this, the reason to buy the bundle is predominantly convenience and collecting. Unfortunately for MTG fans looking to do just that, however, it appears a wrench has been thrown into the works. 

Rather than receiving all the decks as planned, reportedly MTG players who purchased the bundle on Amazon are being left disappointed. Instead of receiving the four Commander decks as expected, many MTG players are reportedly opening their packages and only finding one deck inside. Somewhat bizarrely, across social media, many MTG players report receiving the same deck: The Hosts of Mordor.

While this deck is the most expensive out of the bunch, having products going missing definitely isn’t good. After all, excited MTG players are being left without $150+ worth of products that they’ve already paid for. Worst of all, this is all happening without any explanation.

The Review Bomb

Tales of Middle-earth Commander Amazon Quick Look
Tales of Middle-earth Commander Amazon Quick Look

Currently, it is unknown why the Commander Deck bundles from Amazon were shipped without all the decks inside. What we do know, however, is that, unsurprisingly, MTG players aren’t happy about this situation at all. Taking to Reddit, and the Amazon store page, MTG players have flooded the Commander deck bundle with negative reviews. 

Currently, the bundle of Tales of Middle-earth Commander decks has been taken down on Amazon. This has hopefully been done to prevent any more players from purchasing this product and not receiving the expected content. Before this happened, however, MTG players took to review bombing the product, flooding it with one-star reviews. 

Since the store page has been taken down, seemingly across Amazon’s worldwide storefronts, unfortunately, the negative reviews are no longer accessible. Thankfully, however, before the pages were delisted, Wargamer managed to take a peek. Throughout a bevy of screenshots, it’s clear to see countless disgruntled players, many of whom posted evidence of their claims. 

Alongside the players voicing their justified grievances on Amazon, many players raged on Reddit against this shocking discovery. Subsequently, it seems this Commander deck debacle is not an isolated incident, as hundreds of players are reporting this fault. As you might expect, this has led many players to contact Amazon’s support channels in the hopes of a solution.

In theory, Amazon should be able to help out affected players since something has clearly gone wrong. Despite this, however, many MTG players have reported difficulty and concerns with the support process. Some players such as u/practicestabbin have struggled to get a response out of Amazon, while others like u/Ok_Cauliflower7364 fear that this may just happen again. Despite this difficulty, getting in contact with Amazon is the best bet if you’re affected by this issue. 

A Problem Solved

Down for Repairs | Unfinity
Down for Repairs | Unfinity

As we mentioned before, for the time being, it’s unclear exactly why this Commander deck fiasco has happened. Some MTG players have suggested it could be due to overselling preorders, however, that has not been confirmed. Until a statement is made from Amazon or Wizards, it’s possible we may never know why this happened. 

Thankfully, while the cause may forever be unknown, it does seem Amazon is trying to put the situation right. It may require navigating the labyrinthian customer service maze, however, Amazon is giving affected customers replacements and refunds. Thanks to this action, hopefully, the trust in Amazon’s delivery and packaging network won’t be affected too much.

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