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New MTG Thunder Junction Equipment Showcases Surprising Versatility

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Article at a Glance

As Outlaws of Thunder Junction spoilers continue to come out of the woodworks, it’s clear that this set has some really cool cards to build around. While it’s a bit of a unique approach, the inclusion of cards from The Big Score only adds to this list of intriguing designs. Cards like Lotus Ring offer some unique combo scenarios, especially in a Commander setting. Meanwhile, Esoteric Duplicator has immense potential alongside Krark-Clan Ironworks and some Artifacts to sacrifice for value.

Well, it seems like the list of sweet Artifacts from The Big Score continues to grow each day as more cards continue to get previewed. One Artifact in particular that seems to be getting a lot of hype is Lost Jitte. Much like how Lotus Ring is referencing Black Lotus, Lost Jitte has a lot in common with Umezawa’s Jitte.

Both cards have the ability to accrue charge counters whenever you are able to Equip one of your Creatures and deal combat damage. From there, both cards provide three distinct options for how to maximize those charge counters. Of course, competing with Umezawa’s Jitte is not easy (it’s banned in Modern for a reason), as it can singlehandedly ruin combat for the opponent. However, Lost Jitte does have some interesting applications that don’t exactly overlap with its two-mana counterpart.

An Urza’s Saga Target

Lost Jitte

The first (and perhaps most important) thing in Lost Jitte’s favor is that it can be found off of Urza’s Saga. Urza’s Saga is an unbelievably powerful card. The fact that it can make two enormous threats AND tutor up a wide range of utility Artifacts really puts it over the top. Clearly, there will be situations where you want to tutor something else, but Lost Jitte does have some nice applications.

Unlike some other Equipment, Lost Jitte has a very small Equip cost, making it better in attrition-based matchups. Just like Umezawa’s Jitte, you don’t need to deal combat damage to the opponent for Lost Jitte to trigger, so even if your opponent blocks, you still get the bonus. From there, you can use it to help your big Constructs get through blockers. If you have additional copies of Urza’s Saga at the ready, you can use Jitte’s “untap target Land” ability to start making multiple Constructs a turn.

Unfortunately, though, the main issue with Lost Jitte is not that it doesn’t have useful scenarios. Instead, it’s that its competition is quite high. Shadowspear is another strong Equipment that is frankly going to be stronger in a lot of instances. Assuming your Constructs from Urza’s Saga live, you can give your big attacker Trample and Lifelink right away, which is a huge swing in your favor. In this sense, you need a good reason to include Lost Jitte in your deck, beyond just its synergy with Urza’s Saga.

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Hardened Scales Applications

Hardened Scales

In Modern, the Urza’s Saga deck that has the highest potential to make use of Lost Jitte is likely Hardened Scales. First of all, with Hardened Scales in play, Jitte becomes a lot more threatening. You can start putting multiple +1/+1 counters on your Creatures at a time, which can make combat significantly more difficult for the opponent.

Second, many Creatures in the deck can make use of those +1/+1 counters even outside of combat. Once you’ve accumulated a couple counters on Lost Jitte, getting to Equip Walking Ballista or Hangarback Walker and put extra counters on can be devastating. It’s still unclear if this gets Lost Jitte over the hump in Modern, but it’s at least worth consideration.

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Abusing Charge Counters

The other avenue players can go about trying to abuse Lost Jitte is to utilize ways to add charge counters to Jitte without repeatedly connecting in combat. Cards like Coretapper and Surge Node immediately come to mind.

There have been Tron decks in the past that have made good use of these elements in conjunction with Paradox Engine, Mystic Forge. and mana rocks like Everflowing Chalice. Add in The One Ring, and you can often draw through your whole deck and win the game in one turn.

Jitte can theoretically add a new dynamic by letting you untap Urza’s Tower. Each time you cast a spell with Paradox Engine, Jitte, and Coretapper in play, you can untap Coretapper, tap it again to add a charge counter to Jitte, then use Jitte to untap Tower and cast more spells. This archetype is rather unusual, and maybe Jitte can help revitalize it.

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Beyond using Coretapper to add charge counters to Jitte, you can also Proliferate these counters once Jitte has one counter on it. In Standard, the Toxic decks make use of Serum Snare, Experimental Augury, and Bloated Contaminator as ways to Proliferate poison counters. It’s not unreasonable to consider trying out Jitte in this strategy, helping your Creatures get through blockers.

In Commander, you can really take things up a notch. Cards like Inexorable Tide make it easy to get a bunch of counters on Jitte. Throw in Lands like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to untap and you’ve got a gameplan.

In fact, if you have enough Devotion and a charge counter on Jitte, you can use Jitte, Inexorable Tide, Nykthos, and Shrieking Drake to generate infinite mana! Just follow the steps below:

  • With Devotion to Blue of four (or more), use Nykthos to float four blue mana
  • Cast Shrieking Drake with three mana floating, triggering Inexorable Tide to put another charge counter on Jitte
  • When Shrieking Drake enters the battlefield, return it to your own
  • Use Jitte to untap Nykthos, then use two of the floating mana to activate Nykthos once more. You now have extra mana to work with
  • Cast Shrieking Drake again and repeat this process, netting infinite mana

All things considered, Jitte does take some effort to get going. It isn’t as easy to free roll as Umezawa’s Jitte or even Shadowspear in most Constructed decks. With the right combination of cards, though, Jitte can help you pop off. This card is receiving a lot of hype rather quickly, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any other neat interactions.

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