24, Mar, 22

Leaked Info About Upcoming MTG Set Reveals Interesting Things

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Article at a Glance

In the world of Magic: the Gathering, leaks are fairly common place. Normally, we get card leaks, but on occasion, we’ll get product info leaks. Today, we have some leaks for an upcoming set, Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate. This is a sequel to the widely popular Commander Legends set, and is set in the D&D universe. Let’s take a look at the info because it shows some very cool things!

Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Now this information comes shortly before the “Prebeat” stream over on WeeklyMTG, which is happening today.

Wizards of the Coast

We’ll be covering this stream, as well as uploading cards to our Gallery, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

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The Info

Wizards of the Coast

As for the leaked info, this surfaced on Reddit, and it details the product stack for the set. From this there’s a few interesting tidbits.

  • Bundle — 8 Set boosters. 20 premium lands & 20 regular lands. 1 premium bundle card. 1 oversized Undercity dungeon card. 2 reference cards. 1 oversized spindown. 1 storage box.

Given that this set is going to be in the D&D universe, we expect that we’ll see some returning mechanics from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Dungeons was one of the most interesting mechanics from that set, and we see that there will be at least 1 new dungeon added in the set.

  • Commander — 1 – 98 card deck w/1 cardboard Commander. 3 Premium cards. 10 Double-sided tokens. 1 Collector sample pack. 1 reference card. 1 Insert card. 1 Life wheel w/deck based art. 1 deck box.

Commander Legends really expanded on the “Partner” commander mechanic, introducing a wide variety of legends with the ability at multiple rarities. Partner is a very popular mechanic and so it makes sense that it will reappear here. But in the Preconstructed Commander decks, it seems that they will feature these new partner commanders as the lead signers! If you have 2 partner commanders, then your main deck has 98 cards instead of 99.

There will be 4 commander decks to go with this as well, which is great to see.

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We’re very excited to see what’s to come in Battle for Baldur’s Gate, and as I mentioned, we will be covering the prebeat stream, so be sure to stay tuned for all that great info!

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