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Karlov Manor Common Causes 208% MTG Card Price Increase!

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Spoiler season for the Murders at Karlov Manor is officially over! All of the set’s contents are out for the world to see, and there are a lot of powerful cards coming to MTG! That said, not all of the set’s contents are currently affecting the secondary market. Generally, a few days are needed before newly spoiled cards begin to create trends, as the market still needs to react to the initial changes from players purchasing cards.

That said, one Murders at Karlov Manor common has now been released for long enough that it is starting to impact the secondary market. These movements are definitely aimed towards Commander since this is another inclusion in the ‘play any number of’ cards. This means that Slime Against Humanity can totally ignore Commander’s singleton rule. As a result, you may well soon see decks running over thirty copies of this card!

Slime Against Humanity

Slime Against Humanity, despite being a very interesting card for Commander, may have gone somewhat overlooked thanks to how crazy a lot of the cards in Murders at Karlov Manor are.

Slime Against Humanity is a three mana sorcery that creates a Green Ooze token that scales with the number of Slime Against Humanity and Ooze creatures in your graveyard. Previously, Ooze Typal has sorely needed support, and now with one card, this Typal archetype finally has its own deck!

The appearance of a new card that can be run in multiple copies means that many MTG cards that synergize well with the same card in multiples are seeing an increased interest. As players begin and continue to build Slime Against Humanity decks in Commander, this interest is bound to increase even more!

Nantuko Shrine

Nantuko Shrine’s power scales with the number of the copies of a card you own in a graveyard. Since Slime Against Humanity wants to dump copies of the spell into your graveyard, the synergies here are quite powerful.

Say you manage to dump 20 copies of Slime Against Humanity into your grave. That means Nantuko Shrine will create 20 Squirrels whenever you cast a Slime Against Humanity. Do note that this card’s effect is symmetrical, which usually won’t mean anything in a singleton format, but in the rare scenario where an opponent also employs a strategy that utilizes multiple copies of the same spell, Nantuko Shrine will also create an army of Squirrels for them.

Either way, Nantuko Shrine is still rather cheap, but is getting pricy quickly. Despite being worth $1.50 just a week ago, Nantuko Shrine is beginning to sell for $4.50 or more. That said, the card currently sells for anywhere between $2 and $5, so Nantuko Shrine still needs to find its price point.

Foil copies of Nantuko Shrine have seen a much more pronounced price spike, increasing $12 rather quickly – from a market average of $12 to $24. There aren’t a ton of sales for foil copies, but this market average does seem accurate.

Thrumming Stone

Thrumming Stone’s recent reprint in Double Masters 2022 was a fantastic one. Before the reprint, Thrumming Stone was a $50 card. If you want to play a deck that has multiples of the same spell, Thrumming Stone is the staple you need. That said, a major part of this card’s previous price was scarcity – only having one printing in Coldsnap. The reprinting made Thrumming Stone a lot more affordable.

Thrumming Stone has seen a recent uptick in price over the past three months, but it appears that many players that want to play Slime Against Humanity already have their Thrumming Stones. There has been an uptick in interest for the card, but not as severe as one may think.

Thrumming Stone has only increased about a dollar – from $1.78 to $2.68 in market averages. That said, if Slime Against Humanity is popular, this will be a card to watch.

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Biogenic Ooze

Alongside cards that synergize well with the ‘multiple copy’ thing, Oozes are also beginning to spike in price. Biogenic Ooze, one of the most expensive Ooze in MTG right now, saw a small, but sudden, price spike over the last few days. Having a market average of $1.30 just a week and a bit ago, Biogenic Ooze are now selling for around $4.

If you’re planning to build Slime Against Humanity with a Typal Ooze theme, Biogenic Ooze is a card you want to include in your deck. Creating multiple bodies and growing all your Oozes, including the Ooze creature tokens with Trample created with Slime Against Humanity, Biogenic Ooze does everything in this deck. Even after it dies, Biogenic Ooze helps grow the size of your Slime Against Humanity tokens just by being in your grave!

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Continue to Watch

In our last finance article, we shouted out Magus of the Moon as a card beginning to see a price spike that is worth watching. Because the Modern Regional Championship series is beginning this weekend, there appears to be an uptick in interest surrounding this card. Magus of the Moon is more resilient against traditional removal targeted to deal with Blood Moon, and absolutely screws Amulet Titan, one of the best decks in the meta going into the Regional Championship season.

Even though only a few days have passed, Magus of the Moon has only grown in price across the board. The card is beginning to approach $12 for all copies. It’s tough to know how long this gradual price increase will last, but if Magus of the Moon makes a big appearance at an early event in the Regional Championship circuit, expect the card to become very popular.

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