July Arena Open
29, Jul, 21

July 2021 Arena Open and The Yawning Portal Events are Coming to MTG Arena

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2 events are coming to Magic Arena soon: the July 2021 Arena Open and The Yawning Portal

2021 Arena Open

The July Arena Open is coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena this weekend with $2,000 on the line through two days of Standard competition.

Starting on Saturday, July 31 at 8am CT, the tournament queue features best-of-one and best-of-three Standard on Day 1. The entry fee is 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems for either queues, and players who participate will receive an in-game Lair of Hydra card sleeve. Those who get 7 wins in best-of-one or 4 wins in best-of-three (undefeated record on Day 1 will qualify for Day 2 on Aug. 1.

Day 2 players will have a chance to compete for $2,000 and a Qualifier Weekend invitation with 7 wins that day.

Wizards of the Coast

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The Yawning Portal

If you’re looking for a casual MTG Arena event, The Yawning Portal queue rewards showcase card styles by playing Standard Singleton. Starting July 30 and ending on Aug. 12, the event costs 2,000 gold or 400 gems per entry, and the format is Standard Singleton with each player having an emblem that says, “Whenever you cast your second spell each turn, venture into the dungeon.”

Each entry continues until you earn three wins or three losses. Depending on your performance, you can receive gold and card styles as rewards.

Here’s the reward structure:

  • 0 wins: 2 rulebook card styles
  • 1 win: 2 rulebook card styles and 500 gold
  • 2 wins: 3 rulebook card styles and 1,000 gold
  • 3 wins: 3 rulebook card styles and 2,000 gold

Here’s a list of banned cards for this event:

Will you be joining the July 2021 Arena Open and The Yawning Portal?

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