16, Jun, 21

Is The Locust God Combo Good in Historic?

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Article at a Glance

The Historic format on Magic Arena is constantly changing and evolving with each new set that comes out. We just left a format dominated by Jeskai Turns, a combo control deck that aimed to take multiple turns in a row with the help of Velamochus Lorehold and Time Warp. With Time Warp being banned because of the deck’s dominance, we are now in a much healthier format. But is now the time to try a combo deck that’s similar to Jeskai Turns, assuming that the meta has adjusted away from dealing with this kind of deck? Well we’re going to answer that today, I give you Locust God Combo!

The Combo

The combo in the deck is simple, use Indomitable Creativity to flip both The Locust God and Sage of the Falls into play. Sage will trigger to draw us a card, which will trigger The Locust God to make a 1/1 Insect, which will then trigger the Sage again. We loop this until we make enough 1/1 hasty insect creature tokens to kill our opponent on the spot. We use Forbidden Friendship, Pirate’s Pillage, and Prismari Command to make tokens for our Indomitable Creativity. There’s a bunch of cards to dig through our deck to find our combo, and then a few counter spells to protect it.

Wrap up

So this deck is really really fun. This deck does require a bit of skill to play, its not for the beginner player. As simple as this deck is at its face, there’s a lot of play patterns and decisions that have to be taken into account. Give this one a shot though, and let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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