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Is MTG Arena Down? - How to See If the Servers Are Up

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Is MTG Arena down? It’s an essential question if you’re having trouble logging in, or installing it, or connecting with a friend, or basically anything else. We’ve got you covered.


Magic Arena is fully operational at this time.


Magic Arena is one of the premier ways to play Magic: the Gathering on a digital platforms. As it is with most games, sometimes their servers will go down for one reason or another.

Between scheduled maintenance or outages, the game can go down. If you’re running into issues with Arena, here’s how you can check if the game is down.

Where to check the Server Status to see if MTG Arena is down

The best place to see if the Magic Arena servers are operational is the Official Server Status Page. Here you can see a table of different features for the game.

Here you can see the different platforms that Magic Arena can be played on, followed by a status message. You can also see a list of other features, and the status of those features. If you see Operational, then the feature is working. If you see Under Maintenance, then the game may not be operational. You may be able to connect, but somethings may not function properly.

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MTG Arena Connection Fixes

If you’re experiencing issues connecting to Magic Arena, there’s a few things that you can try to do to troubleshoot and fix the issues. If you’re on PC, try the following:

  • Restart Your Client – This can refresh your connection to the server and can queue in any updates needed.
  • Restart Your PC – If your computer is having any issues, this can help resolve that and possibly resolve your issues with Magic Arena.
  • Reboot Your Router – This is a pretty last ditch effort, but this can pretty much eliminate most fail points on your end.
  • Reinstall Magic Arena – It’s unlikely but possible that your Arena installation could be bugged, so reinstalling it can help

If you’re on Mobile, then here’s a few things you try to do to correct your connection issues:

  • Restart the App
  • Restart Your Phone
  • Connect to WiFi if you’re not, or disconnect and reconnect to your WiFi
  • Reinstall the App

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Staying Connected

One thing to always make sure that you’re doing is staying connected too the Status page, Official Support page as well as the official MTG Arena Twitter for updates.

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