4, Jan, 22

Iconic MTG Broadcast Pair Announce Retirement From Major Organizer

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Article at a Glance

One thing that all spectator esports titles need are a great casting duo. These two are the ones responsible for bringing the play by play, but also the hype to the audience who are watching the games happen. For some games, such as League of Legends or Counter Strike, this is pretty easy to do, because there’s a lot of action. For others, including Magic: the Gathering, it’s definitely a bit harder. In some sad news, an iconic pair of Magic’s longest standing casters announced leaving the casting scene to pursue other things

Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan

In near simultaneous tweets, both Cedric Phillips and Patrick Sullivan announced that they are leaving StarCityGames in pursuit of new adventures.


These two longtime friends and colleagues will certainly be missed on the casting desk of StarCity Events, but they have a lot in store. They will be producing other kinds of content such as podcasts together. Cedric will also be building up and bolstering his other business, Coalesce Apparel & Design, which is a Magic themed apparel company. There’s plenty more to come from these two, so definitely go and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with all that they’re doing.

What’s sad is that with these two leaving the casting scene, it feels like the end of an era for Magic events coverage. While there are still coverage opportunities for online events, coverage for in person events is on an indefinite hiatus, and truthfully, those events just hit a bit different. Hopefully we’ll get to see more events coverage in the future.

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