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How Many Versions of a Single Magic: the Gathering Card is Too Many?

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When Ultimate Masters released in 2018, the Magic: the Gathering community was introduced to extended art cards as the “box toppers”. These new printings of cards were a cool way to add a little flair to your deck with a unique version of some of your favorite cards. These cards were well received and love by the community. Fast forward to 2021. Modern Horizons 2 is releasing in paper, and stores are cracking collectors boosters boxes for those sweet sweet retro frame enemy fetch lands.

Wizards of the Coast

How Many Kinds Are There?

At this point, we know that there are a few different versions of cards that exist. There are 8; Normal non-foil, Normal Foil, Normal Prelease Stamped Foil, Extended Art, Extended Art Foil, Etched Foil, and recently retro frame and retro frame foil. That’s a lot already to begin with, but check out this tweet from Drood519 showing a new subvariation of the enemy fetch lands in Modern Horizons 2 collector’s boosters:

Retro Frame foiling across the whole card

This is an old frame full foil version of Marsh Flats. Here, he shows a couple of other versions that he’s pulled as well.

Retro Frame Foils (no foiling in the text box)
Retro Frame Etched Foil

That’s a lot of versions of cards. I imagine that this is a nightmare to categorize and sort for local game store owners. This really begs the question though, is this too far? Sure these are awesome collectors items, but at what point do we draw the line? I guess one benefit of having these super blinged out versions of cards is that hopefully the prices of the normal non-foil versions of these cards go down in price a bit. I have to admit though, the retro frame etched foiling is really sweet looking.

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What are your thoughts on this? Is Wizards pushing the card frames and foilings too far, or are you a fan? Let us know in the comments!

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