Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
12, Aug, 21

2 Reasons Why There's No Werewolf Commander Deck For Innistrad: Midnight Hunt

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The upcoming Magic: The Gathering set, Innistrad: Midnight Hunt promises to feature a bunch of werewolves, and it even has a werewolf in the expansion symbol, but when the names of the two new Commander pre-constructed decks were announced for the set, fans are wondering why neither of them are werewolf-themed.

Why is there no Werewolf Commander deck in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt?

In the latest episode of Good Morning Magic!, Senior Magic Designer Gavin Verhey has explained why Wizards of the Coast didn’t make a Werewolf Commander Deck for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Although WotC hasn’t fully revealed the contents of the two upcoming Commander Decks, we already know that they will be called Coven Counters and Undead Unleashed. One is likely a Vampire-themed deck while the other is probably a Zombie reanimation deck, so why didn’t they make a Werewolf Commander Deck?

Verhey explained that there are two reasons: Firstly, there are production limitations of double-faced cards, and since the Werewolf cards in Innistrad are known for being double-faced with their Transform ability, it’s tricky to feature multiple double-faced cards in this kind of product.

The other reason is “extra materials”, and Verhey explains that many players buy the Commander Decks and expect to play them right away without sleeves, but since double-faced cards require sleeves or checklist cards, Wizards of the Coast kept double-faced cards from Commander Decks for the time being.

Good Morning Magic!

The Midnight Hunt Commander Decks are now available for pre-order.

Would you like to see a Werewolf Commander Deck in the near future? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Wizards of the Coast

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is scheduled to release for tabletop on September 24, and Innistrad: Crimson Vow will be released on November 19. Expect them to be released a week earlier digitally on MTG Arena and Magic Online. You can check all the information about the upcoming set here.

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