1, Sep, 21

Here's Where You Can Get an Amazing Deal on MTG Forgotten Realms Booster Boxes!

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Grab yourself a deal on the D&D crossover set!
Article at a Glance

Although Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is coming this month, there is value to be found in previous and currently legal Standard MTG sets. Even with that, there’s a great deal on Standard MTG Booster Boxes to keep you busy until then.

Adventure in the Forgotten Realms is the first (and only) premier set crossover, which is a collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons. In the set, we see popular D&D characters come to life, including terrifying Beholders and Dragons to give the set an incredible theme – it’s a good time to pick up Forgotten Realms with the new MTG set coming so soon!

The set is becoming desirable for players and collectors which includes a lot of value. If you want a lowdown of the most valuable cards from Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, we have you covered.

If you are a fan of both MTG and D&D, then this set is for you. As such, there is an excellent deal currently running on Set Booster boxes. These boosters are aimed at people who just want to crack open packs!

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MTG Adventure in the Forgotten Realm Set Booster Box on Sale!

You can grab a Forgotten Realms Set Booster for under $100, saving $20 on this popular MTG crossover set! Set Boosters are a little different compared to the traditional Draft Booster. You get fewer boosters but you are guaranteed a foil in each pack! Even then, you get a unique art card depicting your favorite characters from D&D to collect too. Like other Standard sets, there is the chance of opening unique art and extended art cards in Set Boosters.

In Forgotten Realms, there are Storybook and Module cover cards to collect which reference the original D&D sourcebooks. Also, you have extended frame cards that show off different art.

Going further, you have the opportunity to open up to four rares in each pack. This depends on the ‘theme’ of the booster, but it’s an excellent chance to open some value. There’s plenty to like about the Set Boosters, there’s enough variance to make it worthwhile, and who doesn’t want that dopamine hit from opening booster packs?

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms offers a full suite of Boosters and products available, we have a dedicated Buyer’s Guide if you after more!

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