15, Jun, 21

Former Olympian Chess Player Anna Rudolph Tries To Master Magic: The Gathering in 30 Days

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Anna Rudolf, the International Master chess player, has taken the challenge to master Magic: The Gathering in 30 days, and you can watch her emotional journey from a beginner trying to learn the best trading card game in the world to getting to a competitive level. She said that she was inspired by her PogChamps students so she took this challenge to master Magic in only 30 days to compete in a tournament.

In her YouTube video, you can watch her learn Magic from Jimmy Wong’s tutorial and the MTG Arena tutorial. She also received coaching from French Magic pro player, Elliott Dragon. She also recorded her Magic games so she could analyze and learn from her mistakes.

Anna Rudolf

After getting used to a Mono White Aggro deck, Rudolf chose to learn how to play a blue/black Rogue mill deck that suited her play style. Then her coach suggested her to play a blue/red dragon deck for the World’s Okayest Magic Player tournament, which she had to learn in 24 hours before the tournament started. She even cosplayed as Game of Thrones icon, Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke in the HBO series) during her livestream to match the theme of her deck.

Watch Anna Rudolf play Magic: The Gathering Arena:

Anna Rudolph

The 33-year-old former Olympian chess player went on to say that she’s planning to learn how to play other Magic archetypes and play more Magic off and on-stream. At the end of the video, she talks about how her inner motivation helped her do her best to learn Magic, and it made her journey satisfying regardless of the results of the tournament. “It is the journey that matters, not the destination,” Rudolf said. This is a great video that could inspire you to do your best in learning a new skill or mastering it.

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