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20, Jul, 22

MTG Players Shocked as Respected Tournament Organizer Fired from Dreamhack

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Article at a Glance

MTG Streamer and personality ‘Torbin‘ just got let go from Dreamhack. Dreamhack is currently responsible for the RCQ system in the U.S., the premier country to play competitive Magic: the Gathering worldwide. He was one of only two employees that managed this entire system. Some competitive MTG players are worried that this is signaling the end of competitive paper MTG in the U.S. for the whole year.

The Community is Rallying

On July 20th, Torbin took to his Twitter and announced that Dreamhack had let him go. Torbin did not state the reasoning for his dismissal. As mentioned previously, Torbin was one of two people managing one of the largest competitive MTG systems in the world. After hearing about the incident, community members have rallied in his support. As mentioned in the replies from various personalities, Torbin touched more than just the MTG community. Like many others, Twitch Streamer StormBreakerTTV states that Torbin was “practically Dreamhack because of how much you’ve done for them.”

MTG Competitors are Worried

Players in the MTG Dreamhack Discord made their worries apparent upon seeing Torbin’s Tweet regarding his dismissal. He constantly interacted with players in Discord and ensured that various issues that the RCQ system was experiencing would be fixed. Some commenters are even claiming that this could be the end of the competitive season in the U.S. One thing that the MTG community is exceptional at, however, is doomsaying.

Torbin was a champion among content creators across gaming communities. As many creators associated Torbin with the face of Dreamhack, his efforts to welcome and grow creators in the past will be missed by many.

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