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24, Jun, 24

New MTG Eldrazi Menace Causes Multiple 400% Price Spikes!

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Those who predicted a second Eldrazi Winter with the release of Modern Horizons 3 must be feeling pretty vindicated right about now. Since the set’s release, the popularity of Magic’s Lovecraftian nightmares has skyrocketed, across a range of formats. RG Eldrazi has been putting up solid results in Modern, and beyond that players have really started to lean into the type for Commander. As a result, we’ve seen a plethora of Eldrazi price spikes on the secondary market. We’ll cover the juiciest of these here today.

Spawnbed Protector

Spawnbed Protector | Modern Horizons 3 Commander

The first of our Eldrazi price spikes for today is a brand-new Commander deck card from MH3. Spawnbed Protector is a classic big Eldrazi that gives the deck some welcome ramp and recursion for the late game. At the end of each of your turns, it lets you add an Eldrazi from your graveyard to your hand, then creature two 1/1 Eldrazi Scions you can sacrifice for colorless mana.

It’s worth noting that there’s no “if you do” clause here, so you’ll get the Scions regardless of whether you return an Eldrazi or not. This gives the card a solid floor, particularly in decks that run other new Eldrazi support pieces like Spawn-Gang Commander and Path of Annihilation. Of course, you will want to recur an Eldrazi as often as possible. This shouldn’t be a problem, given how many of them are absolute lightning rods for removal.

In addition to its great abilities, Spawnbed Protector also has that golden mana cost of seven. This lets it trigger cards like Kozilek’s Unsealing, pitch to Ugin’s Labyrinth, and come down on turn three in a Tron deck. Aspects that are relevant in both Commander and Legacy.

With all of this upside, it’s not surprising that the card has spiked from $1 to around $5 over the last week: a jump of over 400%. Pretty much every Eldrazi Commander deck wants this card, and the popularity of such decks have never been higher, so this is a card that’ll be in demand for a while yet.

Unclaimed Territory

Unclaimed Territory | Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander

Now this is an interesting one. Unclaimed Territory, in most printings, has maintained its usual price tag of around $0.50 this week. The Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander deck printing, however, has jumped to around $2.50 on average, with some sales up in the $7 range on TCGPlayer. What exactly is going on here? Well, it could be a number of things.

This printing isn’t remarkable in any obvious way. It’s not a foil version, it doesn’t have fancy alternate artwork, and it’s not in limited supply. In fact, it’s the third most common version available on TCGPlayer, behind the Crimson Vow Commander printing and the Ixalan original. For this reason, it’s hard to pinpoint a reason this specific version is spiking outside of demand for the card itself.

Unclaimed Territory is definitely a “Cavern of Souls at home” type card, but that still makes it extremely valuable in Typal decks, particularly in Commander. In Eldrazi decks, it not only fixes your mana but also provides a crucial colorless pip when you need it, which is more often than you’d think. The spike on this version of the card may just be the beginning of a wider overall spike for a card that’s useful in all manner of Commander decks. Even if it’s nothing but a blip, you can’t go wrong buying a few cheap copies for your Typal decks right now.

Eldritch Immunity


Speaking of colorless mana pips, here’s a card that can put them to great use. Eldritch Immunity is next in our lineup of Eldrazi price spikes for the week, and it’s a real doozy. For one mana, it gives one of your creatures protection from every color. A surefire way to shrug off the majority of single-target removal, and all damage-based board wipes. This alone makes it a great combat trick for Eldrazi decks, but it also has Overload, letting you spread it across your whole board if you have five mana to spare.

Over the past week, this card’s price has jumped from around $6 to around $12, effectively more than doubling in value. As with the cards above, this is a move driven largely by Commander demand. The card could be cheap and flexible enough to be viable in Legacy, no one has tried it out yet. If they ever do, you can likely expect its price to double again, potentially multiple times over.

History has shown us the power of Protection and the Overload mechanic, and this card brings both together beautifully. It’s not just a reactive piece, either. You can use it on your board to essentially make it unblockable on an alpha strike turn. It’s powerful, it’s flexible, it has the Eldrazi card type for niche interactions. It’s hard to imagine anything but a bright future for Eldritch Immunity.

Wrenn’s Resolve


While Eldrazi is the flavor of the month, it’s not the only deck driving secondary market demand right now. Ruby Storm is one of the hottest new Modern decks at the moment, leveraging the cost reduction of Ral, Monsoon Mage and Ruby Medallion to land an early Grapeshot win. The deck runs entirely on mana generation and card draw and, as it turns out, Wrenn’s Resolve is one of the best red options for the latter.

Two mana to ‘draw’ two cards is exactly where Ruby Storm wants to be. So much so that 98% of Ruby Storm decks are running Wrenn’s Resolve as a four-of, according to MTGGoldfish. The other 2% may well be avoiding it for price reasons. In the past week, the cost of a single copy of Wrenn’s Resolve has shot up from around $1.50 to around $4.50: over 300%.

This may seem unsustainable for a common, but it’s important to remember that Wrenn’s Resolve has only been printed once, in March of the Machine. It’s also in demand for more than just Ruby Storm, with Pauper Mono-Red Synthesizer and Pioneer Boros Pia also making use of it. The fact that it references a specific named character also makes it difficult to reprint in a Standard set, which in turn makes it more likely to hold value over time.

Basically, Wrenn’s Resolve is a multi-format playable with only one printing. $4.50 may seem high for a common, but honestly I don’t see that coming down any time soon. Pyretic Ritual, another Common that sees play in the same deck, is already soaring past $8! I’d either buy Wrenn’s Resolve now or wait for a reprint on this one.

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